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  1. Bongo Brad

    Painted Inlay?

    Has anyone painted the inlay on a bass drum hoop? I have an old marching BD I'm thinking about removing the wrap. My neighbor is getting ready to paint (another) car so maybe he could do the drum at the same time. The drum has black hoops with inlays. I originally thought about painting them...
  2. Bongo Brad

    Modern Zildjian dates

    I've bought 1/2 dozen new Z's this year. Last night while playing I became curious just how old they are. Most are either stamped AH or AI, so whats that, 2018 or 2019? What I found peculiar was a set of 13" K hi hats. The top is AH, but the bottom is AD. What's that, four years older...
  3. Bongo Brad

    Sold 20" Zildjian K Custom Dry IAK

    20" Zildjian K Custom Dry Intermediate American K 2829 grams Dry & Dark $250 199 shipped
  4. Bongo Brad

    Similar thread

    I just noticed when I get to the bottom of a thread, I'm offered similar threads. Is this optional? Can I get these removed?
  5. Bongo Brad

    Bettis 22 for trade

    Bettis 22" 2459g I'm looking for something different, maybe another Bettis or an Agop.
  6. Bongo Brad

    TRADED Sabian prototype flat ride 18”

    Sabian prototype flat ride 18 1580 grams B8pro I picked this up new in the Sabian booth at the Chicago drum show. $100 $90 shipped USA Trades considered
  7. Bongo Brad

    SOLD Maxwell Rail Mount

    One nut&bold has been replaced, so the included wrench won't fit that one. A quick trip to the hardware store and you could make them match.
  8. Bongo Brad

    SOLD Sabian Crescent 20" Trash Crash

    1460 grams PM for Iphone video
  9. Bongo Brad

    Sold 20" 60's A with rivets

    20" 8 rivets, I think the weigh of so many rivets dry it out. I'm guessing if you remove most of them the cymbal would open up 2180 grams I think this is the 60's stamp- please correct me if I'm wrong $90 shipped US Has a weird spot near the edge- see the third photo Slight keyhole
  10. Bongo Brad

    Wood block finish

    I had a block of ash I made into a few woodblocks. I also glued up some thin strips of maple to make some. What would be the best finish for these? I assume polyurethane would be the toughest. I'm sure different finishes would affect the sound, but might not be perceivable by my ears.
  11. Bongo Brad

    SOLD Trick Brass Snare

    6.5 x 14 Brass shell COB rims with clips 10 lugs all original Shell is in great shape, chrome could use a light cleaning
  12. Bongo Brad

    SOLD! Todd Sucherman Methods & Mechanics book w/ CD

    Todd Sucherman Methods & Mechanics Book with CD Like new condition
  13. Bongo Brad

    SOLD new 14" wood rims/hoops pair for snare

    Gibraltar 14" 10 lug wood hoops/rims One snare side, one batter side
  14. Bongo Brad

    SOLD 20 new Trick lugs & tension rods

    20 new Trick lugs with tension rods.
  15. Bongo Brad

    SOLD Zildjian small stamp hi hats- thin 14"

    Zildjian hi hats 14" I believe these are 50's small stamp. My scale shows them each at 700 grams, but it also rounds to the 10's. When I bought them I was told 696 or 698 each- yes both are the same. Small mounting holes on both. $250 shipped US Send me a PM for an crappy Iphone video.
  16. Bongo Brad

    SOLD a couple crashes, Sabian, Instanbul Mehmet

    Sabian 18" HHX Evolution crash 1240 g, sold Istanbul Mehmet 16" Nostalgia crash 940 g, sold
  17. Bongo Brad

    SOLD Gibraltar rail mount

    Used, excellent condition $55.00 shipped
  18. Bongo Brad

    Kick beaters

    I've been told not to use felt beaters on mesh heads, as they will wear out the heads. What about rubber pads? What's the best beater to use?
  19. Bongo Brad

    What good is a CB shell?

    So I got a couple CB shells, 16x16 & 14x22. All the hardware was gone, except one lug. I looked into shipping costs, and I figured it would cost most to ship across town that what the shells were worth. So what to do?