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  1. thejohnlec

    Drummer autographs

    I have just a few but here’s my favorite:
  2. thejohnlec

    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    Always thought this was a cool shot:
  3. thejohnlec

    Todd Sucherman

    He does have a solo CD:
  4. thejohnlec

    Todd Sucherman

    I was exposed to their music at a young age via my sister - Equinox, Grand Illusion, etc. I appreciated those songs and was especially taken by DDY's keyboard prowess. Fast forward a "few" years. I've seen them 3 times in Pittsburgh between 2008ish and 2011ish. I was certainly taken with Todd's...
  5. thejohnlec

    OT Favorite Clint Eastwood Movies

    Josey Wales.
  6. thejohnlec

    I have also reached the SUMMIT!!! My new Summit Single Ply Mahogany snare!!

    What a beauty - congrats and enjoy!!
  7. thejohnlec

    Great recorded drum sounds

    So many great examples on this thread and so many that could be named. I always thought that Neil Peart got a tremendous drum sound on the Power Windows record. Huge tone with a strong attack.
  8. thejohnlec

    Great recorded drum sounds

    Yeah, killer drums sounds on that whole record.
  9. thejohnlec

    My first wrap job!

    Great job - cheers and enjoy!
  10. thejohnlec

    finally Dave Weckl on a real drum set :)

    Stellar kit and performance! Clearly not Buddy’s kit though - no towel on the 2nd floor tom :)
  11. thejohnlec

    Stick/hand control

    I think so, here and there in smaller formats. They still get some airplay as well. There are actually lots of opportunities to play around here when the weather is nice - lots of outdoor places. If things stay open through the summer, I’ll have about 30 shows through October.
  12. thejohnlec

    Stick/hand control

    Oh cool :) I’m from central MA and now reside in Wheeling.
  13. thejohnlec

    Stick/hand control

    Hope this helps you: According to Tommy Igoe (and I would agree), most of us will always have a weaker hand. The idea is to get your weaker hand to do what you want it to do, not necessarily create an equal to your stronger hand. Something helpful (for me anyway) that I’ve done in the past is...
  14. thejohnlec

    Stick/hand control

    The opening graphics alone are worth it.
  15. thejohnlec

    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    Beautiful kit!
  16. thejohnlec

    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    Of my 3 main kits, these Slingerland orphans are currently getting my attention simply because I just completed the restoration.
  17. thejohnlec

    Did anyone ever play in Marching Bands?

    A few years in high school on snare drum. We had a lot of fun had a few adventures as well, typically taking place on weekend nights :)
  18. thejohnlec

    Info on this pearl snare please.

    Do the magnet test to ascertain if its brass or steel. I have the steel version, mid to late 1979s. Good sounding snare.
  19. thejohnlec

    Pearl MLX 80s 90s

    One of my kits is an early 1980s MLX in black lacquer inside and out, no stretch lugs. It is a workhorse kit that I’ve had for a very long time. It’s been all over the country and overseas, and has held up incredibly well - still sounds and looks great.