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  1. bolweevil

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    Yes--the more I listen to older AC/DC and the placement of a crash with a snare hit, it seems that Lars appreciated that approach more as the albums progressed. As someone else mentioned, a crash on the '2' is definitely something I picked up from my early years of Lars fandom. Back then for...
  2. bolweevil

    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    I like lists of this kind--sure it will never be the same as my list (if I had one), but it's interesting to see what the 'world as a whole' thinks about a topic (casually) that I have a lot of interest in.
  3. bolweevil

    Great recorded drum sounds

    I was just checking out that same list yesterday. Great stuff on the list--helped me 'discover' the Stone Roses. Nice!
  4. bolweevil

    Roy Beckerman Comments On Every YouTube Video

    Well now I feel the need to browse some youtube comment sections. Stuff gets weird in there sometimes.
  5. bolweevil

    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    I do get a little annoyed when another drummer wants to show me all of his cool new stuff down to the nearest detail, while having no interest in any of my gear and giving the impression that I will naturally think every one of his items will fill me jealousy and shame. I really enjoy a two-way...
  6. bolweevil

    Carter McLean is now an Evans Artist

    It's like we're one big married couple sometimes.
  7. bolweevil

    It would appear I never mastered my left hand fulcrum

    old-ish thread, but I feel this pain. My left hand grip doesn't even look like my right, and for some reason I can't connect my brain and hand to fix it.
  8. bolweevil

    a little OT: shield bag in 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

    I've been trying to find an image of Sam walking down the street with the bag, but had no luck. I kind of wanted to make a meme only drummers would understand, like, "Must be an old K," or something like that.
  9. bolweevil

    a little OT: shield bag in 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

    Watching the Marvel series on Disney+ this weekend and seeing Sam carrying around the shield in what looks like a familiar bag to a drummer, had me thinking what he actually had inside was 'The Ride Cymbal of Destiny.'
  10. bolweevil

    Sabian Cymbals you wish they'd make or make again

    It seems like the old HH cymbals can be found used fairly often and are surprisingly cheap (at least the ones I'm talking about--the ones with the 'HH' next to the logo on the bottom of the cymbal; maybe those are newer than I think). I've got a couple of rides of that sort and they sound great.
  11. bolweevil

    Did you learn to play drums by ear?

    I learned from a combination of listening to albums (cassettes, that was my era), several casual lessons from my dad, and a handful of teachers over the years. The rest is books, youtube, and this place!
  12. bolweevil

    Used cymbals through Musician's Friend

    Wow it sounds like this place doesn't pay much attention to what they are selling....I guess I got lucky.
  13. bolweevil

    Best in action pics!

  14. bolweevil

    Used cymbals through Musician's Friend

    Agreed. Some of the pictures make it pretty obvious some things turning up in, say, a 'Sabian HH' search are not in fact that make and model. I got lucky--the pics were decent and the cymbals were in good shape.
  15. bolweevil

    Used cymbals through Musician's Friend

    Aha. Well, either way: some good finds there.
  16. bolweevil

    Used cymbals through Musician's Friend

    Just in case this hasn't already been talked about here: You can browse used cymbals on the Musician's Friend website (and drums--but my experience was with cymbals). There are some good deals hiding in there--I recently picked up a pair of Sabian AAX stage hats in good condition for under...
  17. bolweevil

    Oak Sticks

    I have been using ProMark oak sticks for years--they seem to last longer than hickory and I haven't noticed any 'hand shock' despite doing tons of rim shots. To each their own.
  18. bolweevil

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Recently picked up a Prototype HH 21". The 'honeymoon phase' is a real thing for me, but it's been nearly a month now and I am absolutely in love with this ride. At 3000 grams it's just what I was looking for--it plays like a light Raw Bell Dry Ride, with crashability, a lovely wash, crispy...
  19. bolweevil

    Your BEST Cymbal?

    My favorite is a 18" Sabian HH thin crash--it arrived via mail on my 30th birthday (which was, ahem--nearly 14 years ago). I was curious about the HH line, and after a second or two of playing it I realized this IS IT! I've been a Sabian HH fan ever since (most of my cymbals are from this...
  20. bolweevil

    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    Having only played a relative few of the possibilities (Supra, COB supra, Black beauty, hammered bronze, acro and blacro) I would have to say the COB supra is my favorite. The hammered bronze I had for years was a case of love/hate; I struggled to get it to sound good to my ears, so maybe it...