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  1. JazzDoc

    I need a new cymbal bag

    22” Humes & Berg Tuxedo line with dividers. Reinforced bottom. Cordura. Outside pockets. Hands down, best bag. I’ve had many others, expensive leathers, you name it. These work well and last. Very water repellent. Just my opinion.
  2. JazzDoc

    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Well, you don’t go to the greatest neurosurgeon in the world because of his bedside manner. “To be beautiful is enough. You don’t want a rose to sing.”
  3. JazzDoc

    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    At the Blue Note after a Chick Corea / Steve Gadd Band appearance about three years ago. What a wonderful moment. God bless him
  4. JazzDoc

    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    Great choice. As big an influence on me as Buddy and Ringo. Love it.
  5. JazzDoc

    Light-weight Hardware

    Canopus also makes a cast iron throne base which I use with my Pork Pie seat. As heavy duty as the steel ones but lighter.
  6. JazzDoc

    Pics of your sets on stage

    Yamaha Crosstown stands. They are fabulous. MUCH lighter than the chromed steel. I’d say they’re equal to or even lighter than most flat base stands and far more sturdy.
  7. JazzDoc

    Birch snares... what am I missing?

    For comparison, I have two Joyful Noise solid shell snare drums, a 6.5" Birch and a 5" Maple. Both are great, both outfitted with Remo coated Ambassadors and Hazy snare side heads, and Canopus nonplated vintage wires. I usually prefer the birch - higher tone, more crack and punchy lows. Very...
  8. JazzDoc

    Pics of your sets on stage

    Here's a bunch of different kits I played at various gigs over the years: Ludwig Classic Maples in champagne sparkle (22" or 18" kick, single or double rack toms), Canopus bop kit in black oyster pearl with a Craviotto ash solid shell, GreTsch USA Custom red rosewood bop with black lacquer...
  9. JazzDoc

    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    Agree without question, in my mind, although to my way of thinking the tube lug version is preferable as the drum is dry enough with the hammering. I LOVE this snare drum. Big bang for the buck, although not what I'd call inexpensive, but the sound is unique and can challenge almost any high...
  10. JazzDoc

    Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl

    Thanks, piccipstix!
  11. JazzDoc

    Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl

    I absolutely loved the Black Oyster Pearl on Ringo's drums of the 60's. It was SO sharp the way the swirl accentuated the cylindrical geometry of each beautiful drum and the chromed Ludwig hardware on the black oyster was like a tuxedo to my eyes. Later incarnations of the BOP didn't make it...
  12. JazzDoc

    57 years ago tonight

    Changed our lives. For the way better.
  13. JazzDoc

    What's your favorite snare drum?

    Joyful Noise 6.5x14 Blackbird Studio Brass w/ Adrian Kirchler 2.3mm NOB single flanged hoops (tension rod loops welded to hoop). . Second to none.
  14. JazzDoc

    The One Piece Of Gear You'll Never Part With...

    Very difficult to answer. Over the years I have bought, sold and traded to the point where virtually everything I have has been carefully culled and treasured. If it were one “item” it’d be my GreTsch custom ‘90’s square badge kit in Burnt Orange lacquer with 16, 18 and 20” bass drums, 10,12...
  15. JazzDoc

    Drum SET or Drum KIT?

    Exactly. Thank you. ☺️
  16. JazzDoc

    Post a pic of one your most recent gigs

    Here’s our band, RIFF, playing at a popular bar here in town called Webster’s back in March. Ludwig Classic Maples, 18/12/14/6.5.
  17. JazzDoc

    Post a pic of one your most recent gigs

    Gig in a club here in central PA at a classy restaurant bar (Pine Grove Hall) in October. Full mitigation protocol observed (no mask for photo). House kit, my bronze, my snare, my BD pedal. Not half bad.
  18. JazzDoc

    Do you take your high end kits to gigs ?

    I agree but if a drumset is large (more drums or components) I tend to leave that for rehearsals or special occasions. The older I get, the leaner my schlep load.
  19. JazzDoc

    Do you take your high end kits to gigs ?

    Those N&C drums are gorgeous. Plus, the PHX drums are HEAVY, no? You have a nice armamentarium there. I also like the Beatles style lettering on your BD heads!
  20. JazzDoc

    Who makes Hi Hat clutches to fit older cymbals?

    For me this is the only correct answer. Just go slowly so you don't over-enlarge.