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  1. stewy

    WTB: Slingerland Buddy Rich Flat-Base Cymbal Stand, Double-Clip Tom Mount, Pearl/Tempro Clip Style Tom Mount

    Hi all, I'm looking for a tom mount post with l-arm like pictured and a Slingerland Buddy Rich Flat-Base Cymbal Stand Ideally with black/silver sticker, and Double-Tom Clip-Style Mount, all like pictured below. Thanks!
  2. stewy

    Late 60s Leedy-Slingerland's

    Seeing a Leedy-Slingerland with Aluminum Set-O-Matic mounts and Chocolate Milk Interiors. Wouldn't this date to '68? Also seeing info on Leedy-Slingerland's ending mfg in 1965. Is this date actually 1969?
  3. stewy

    Slingerland 24" Chrome or Copper Bass Drum 3ply

    Looking for complete drum or even just shell. Chrome over wood or copper over wood 24" diameter 14" deep 3-ply bass drum vintage 70s Slingerland Thanks!
  4. stewy

    1973 - 1975 Ludwig Blue/Olive Badge Serial Numbers - Dating Guide?

    Hi all, I never really thought twice about this, and just a quick search I didn't see this covered anywhere. On the Ludwig site - It shows: 1969 765XXX – 834XXX 1970 (Out of sequence, unnumbered) 1971 835XXX – 895XXX 1972 896XXX –...
  5. stewy

    Remote Work Job Available Listing Drum Stuff

    Hi all! I'm opening up a remote work job doing listings+marketing -Looking for someone with a broad knowledge of vintage drums and experience in the vintage percussion market -Can work from home PM me if interested Thanks! Zach
  6. stewy

    Rogers White Wrap Toms 9/72 / Fullerton - 12",14",15"

    Looking for a 14" concert tom or 12" or 15" double sided tom white white wrap. Must have script logo. Complete drum or shell Thanks Zach
  7. stewy

    40 Tama Superstar/Imperialstar Tom Lugs

    Looking for ~ 40 vintage superstar/imperialstar lugs with screws. PM if any quantity available. Thanks
  8. stewy

    Collection ~75 Snare Drums - Vintage,Custom,New Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, Gretsch, Pearl, Tama, Premier,++

    Large collection of drums and cymbals available in Norfolk, CT Cymbals HERE Something for everyone here, and more to come. 1/2: *CUSTOM 13X3" PANCAKE SNARE DRUM WOOD WRAP 8-LUG $115 *CUSTOM 14X6.5"SNARE DRUM PEACOCK PEARL 100% MAPLE SHELL CHROME DIE-CAST RIMS* $276 *DRUMCRAFT SERIES 8...
  9. stewy

    Collection ~50 Cymbals - Vintage+New Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, UFIP, Paiste + More *Sound Files*

    Some great deals here. Sound files available for all cymbals. Can combine shipping, and will ship anywhere in the world Drum collection post to follow... 1/2: *ALCHEMY 14" PRO ART HI-HATS CYMBALS ISTANBUL AGOP A.R.T. HAND HAMMERED B20 SET* $178 *FACTORY METAL PERCUSSION 18" CROSS CRASHERZ...
  10. stewy

    2-Hole Vintage Rail Mount or Gretsch Double Clip Mount

    Looking for either 2-hole vintage rail mount in chrome - type used mostly by Gretsch and Slingerland Or a Gretsch double tom mount clip-style that fits with diamond-plate mount drums. Please message me if you are selling either one. Thanks
  11. stewy

    18" Rogers Bass Drum - Wanted

    Any Condition, Cleveland-Dayton ideal but let me know what you have. Also fine if it's just a project shell. Thanks!
  12. stewy

    Ludwig 6lug nob rim + ludwig pioneer natural mahogany chrome

    Hi all I'm looking for a Ludwig nob triple flange 6lug rim Ludwig pioneer chrome hardware pre serial natural mahogany finish. And pre serial or earlier brass supra with no dents. All offers considered. Thanks!
  13. stewy

    Leedy / Slingerland Nickel Floor Tom Leg Mount

    Looking for 1x Leedy or Slingerland Floor Tom Leg Mount. -Bent Metal type. I think it's 2 3/8" hole spacing. Thanks!
  14. stewy

    Ludwig Snare Drums - Brass Supra or Blue Sparkle Jazz Fest

    Hi all, I'm looking for an all original vintage Ludwig snare - either a brass supraphonic or a jazz festival in blue sparkle. Please message me if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks!
  15. stewy

    Ludwig Brass Supra Keystone no dents

    Looking for a nice pre-serial or other early brass supra. No dents. COB hoops preferred. thanks!
  16. stewy

    Slingerland Jasper Shell Radio King

    I stumbled across a '59 Radio King that I believe is factory original with a Jasper Maple / Poplar / Maple / 2ply Re-Ring Shell. I can't find my original pics but here is the link We can all agree Slingerland was kind of a custom shop in this era, and there are certainly many rare bird...
  17. stewy

    Slingerland 22" Logo Head 70s

    I'm looking for a clean 22" logo/resonant head for an early 70s Buddy Rich set.of Slingerlands. Thanks all
  18. stewy

    Ludwig Late 60s-Early 70s Stands-Cymbal/Hi-Hat/Tom

    Looking for single brace version not tube or flat-base. Straight cymbal, hi-hat, and double tom stands. Thanks Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
  19. stewy

    Rogers 14" Tall-Boy Batter Rims

    1-2 needed. Thanks
  20. stewy

    WFL Flat Base Snare Stand

    Please message me if you have a flat-base wfl or ludwig snare stand.