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  1. Luddite

    Ludwig LR2993MT Rail Consolette Tom Holder

    I need a Ludwig Rail Consolette Tom Holder for my Element SE Mod Orange kit. The previous owner stripped it where the T-handle tightens on the poly ball. I told him to bring it when we met up because I could rethread it but he forgot it, then moved before I could get him to meet again. I’m using...
  2. Luddite

    Ludwig Element SE Mod Orange 16” Floor Tom

    Dang it! I was perfectly content with my 12/14/22 Mod Orange Element SE’s and then found out that they made a 14x16 floor Tom. I love one up two down, I cannot deny! If anyone has one that they could part with, shoot me a PM! I blame K.O. for this...
  3. Luddite

    Extreme Drum Triggers for 5 Piece Kit

    Up for sale is a set of Extreme Drum triggers. I was planning on using an e-kit at home but decided against it. I have been using Extreme Triggers for around seven years now at Church, and couldn't be more pleased with them than I am. Marshall Rinker, the owner, is a standup guy and very...
  4. Luddite

    Roland TD-11 Drum Module

    Up for sale is a Roland TD-11 Sound Module in good condition. I've only used it once, everything works. I was originally planning on a hybrid kit at home but changed my mind. Included is the wiring harness, power supply cord and mount. The TD 11 is a great module, I currently use one at church...
  5. Luddite

    Removing Satin Clear

    I bought a set of Ludwig Classic Birch in Sea Blue finish. I won an auction for a natural finish 16” floor and want to refinish it into a reasonable facsimile of the Sea Blue, which is a darkish turquoise. I’m not worried about the stain—-we have a Sherman Williams store a half hour away and...
  6. Luddite

    Ludwig Sea Blue Classic Birch 16” Floor Tom

    Recently bought an old Classic Birch kit. Love the drums, would like to find a reasonably decent 16 for a one up two down.
  7. Luddite

    Ludwig FP185 Pro Bass Drum Pedal

    Up for sale is a Ludwig FP 185 Pro Pedal in good condition. Dual chain drive, Ludwig Monarch beater. Top of Rock Plate was sanded and repainted. Smooth action, good feel. 40 bucks pus actual shipping, continental US only.
  8. Luddite

    Zildjian GEN16 Buffed Bronze 20" Ride Cymbal

    I'm interested in one of these to go with the 16 and 18 that I already have. I'm using the 18 for a ride but also crash it and have it positioned accordingly. I'd like to get one of the 20" Rides to position behind my hi-hat (open hand style). I'm a little daunted by the cost of a new one so am...
  9. Luddite

    In Appreciation of Forum Member Bill Bachman

    Over the last several years I've been concentrating on learning guitar and bass pretty heavily, neglecting advancing as a drummer and merely attempting to maintain what I already have. As I've really been attempting to consistently learn new things on guitar and bass, my playing has been...
  10. Luddite

    Alternative to TD4 Module

    I bought a Roland TD-4 KX2 kit for church several years ago, and while it has been a godsend for my hearing issues, the only thing left from the original kit is the module and harness. The kit itself has been replaced by my Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped kit with mesh heads and internal triggers and...
  11. Luddite

    Interesting Video About C&C Drums
  12. Luddite

    I Played the Kit in the Video... I went to Sweetwater in Ft. Wayne today to look for a decent overdrive pedal for my new amp and went to the drum room in the new retail facility first (naturally). Sitting there was the beautiful 13/16/24 kit with matching 6.5x14 snare from the...
  13. Luddite

    The Apparent Impossible Dream

    About three years ago I took up guitar, followed about a year later by bass. My drum GAS has subsided as my ears can't handle acoustic drums or cymbals. Guitar GAS, however... I've become a fan of Epiphones. I own an Epi Les Paul 1960'S Tribute, a Sheraton II, a Dove Pro and a J-200 Artist. I...
  14. Luddite

    New Bass!

    I've been playing bass for about a year and a half now, started out on an Epiphone EB-O and bought a Fender Squire (or, more properly: Squire by Fender) Vintage Modified '77 Jazz based on the recommendations that I received here. I sold the Epiphone not too long after acquiring the VM Jazz, and...
  15. Luddite

    OT: Anybody Here Dealing With the Latest Influenza Strain?

    We're getting clobbered with Influenza here in Northwest Ohio---they had to actually close down to schools in Toledo because so much of the student body and the faculty had been hit by it. I've been fighting it since Monday morning. Today is actually the first time that I've had the energy to do...
  16. Luddite

    KAT KA2 Drum Amplifier...

    I just bought a KA2 from Hello Music---they had it on sale for $50 off the normal price shipped and I couldn't resist. I've been using a 90 watt Behringer Keyboard amp for the last year and a half on my church gig with my Ludwig/Roland hybrid kit (Ludland? Rolwig?), and it's a very decent little...
  17. Luddite

    Remo Silentstroke Heads

    Well, I decided to bit the bullet and "electronicafy" my Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped kit for church after months of clickity-clacking on the dinky pads that came with the Roland kit that I bought. I love using the e-kit in that application---it has been a godsend volume-wise and has allowed me to...
  18. Luddite

    Extreme Drum Triggers

    I'm considering converting my Ludwig Epic X-Over Striped kit into an e-kit for church. Here's a link to what I'm talking about: I'm intrigued by the Extreme triggers and am considering getting them and some mesh heads for the kit. Anyone here try them?
  19. Luddite

    Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass

    I picked up an Epi EB-O bass cheap about five months ago when I was looking to learn how to play. It's a decent little bass but being single pickup is somewhat limited. I've learned my scales, octaves and triads and would like to learn a little of the slap and pop style. On the Epi I can pop but...
  20. Luddite

    OT: Need Suggestions For a Decent Electric Guitar...

    This may have been a topic more appropriate for the "Other Instrument" forum, but I noticed that that one tends to be pretty static so I posted here. I've been exploring the guitar world since last Thanksgiving. I started out on a cheap Fender DG8S acoustic, then a Fender Bucket T, and now have...