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  1. Stickclick

    Would you let your daughter date a drummer?

    Just wondering.
  2. Stickclick

    Musicians Accepting Bitcoin

    If a restaurant operator can accept bitcoin as payment for dinner, why can't musicians accept bitcoin in tips, merchandise sales and gig sales? How do we do that?
  3. Stickclick

    Let's take turns writing a drumming story.

    Let's write a drumming story. Each contributor writes a sentence or more and we see where it goes. I'll start: Joey was so excited! This was his first time playing drums in front of the music store. Joey was 13 years old, and his older keyboard playing sister was 15. Joey and his sister were in...
  4. Stickclick

    Cracked Cymbal

    I love the look of the greatly damaged cymbal the Dan Magnusson uses in this video. Check 7:06 and 12:04. How can I make a cymbal look like that? Do I just hit it with a hammer against a rock until the metal cracks?
  5. Stickclick

    Hand Drum

    So, what hand drums do y'all have?
  6. Stickclick

    Tom was repaired.

    A venue just purchased a Pearl Export drum kit. It is missing some parts. I'm looking for tom lugs. Hole spacing looks about 1 1/4 inch but I have to go back and measure with a ruler. I don't find these lugs anywhere, that's why I'm asking.
  7. Stickclick


    There are stomp pedals that let guitarists make recordings, play back the recordings so they can record another part. Keep repeating the process and one musician can sound like a whole band. Did anybody try that with a drum kit?