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  1. Polska

    Moeller technique videos

    There are a lot of YouTube videos on the Moeller Technique but I'm wondering if anyone has watched/worked through any they've found particularly insightful. Yeah a teacher would be best, but not during these times. Thought I might see if I can make any progress on my own. Thanks!
  2. Polska

    Modern Drummer Legends Vol. 1 - Neil Peart

    Just saw this. Not a bad price ($19.95) considering what it contains. Could be an interesting series.
  3. Polska

    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    So I've very slowly dipped my toe in the bourbon world, and by slowly I mean Elijah Craig is the first I've bought (on a recommendation). I've really enjoyed it with just one small ice cube and I'm wondering if there are other bourbon drinkers out there that can share recommendations. Right...
  4. Polska

    Peart MD issue

    With most places closed, does anyone know where I could get a copy of the latest Modern Drummer magazine tribute to Peart? On their site you need a subscription. Perhaps someone here has a music store i could buy from?
  5. Polska

    Vic Firth wood shaft beater

    Giving this unique Vic beater a run. So far I really like it. A consistently solid stoke that seems to be giving me a more full sound. A nice balance too that is making quiet kicks easier to control. I watched a VF video on this where they talked about the balance, comparing the usual beater to...
  6. Polska

    Really Cool Drumming

    Now that's pretty cool!
  7. Polska

    SOLD - - Pearl double-braced boom cymbal stand - PRICE DROP

    1 Pearl (don't know the series) double-braced cymbal boom stand. Great shape and very sturdy. $60 $50 shipped to the lower 48.
  8. Polska

    Snare suggestion from these options (for a friend)

    I have a friend in France looking to purchase a second snare for his son. He wants to keep it at or below 200 Eur and he sent me the following website that he's looking at: I was wondering if anyone had any experience/knowledge of...
  9. Polska

    Getting past the nerves and just "going for it"

    So, just wanted to share an exerience of letting go of fear and nerves and just going for it. One of my bands is an all-original, instrumental rock trio. Together for the fun and the challenge of creating music similar to the progressive rock music we are fans of (Stick Men, King Crimson etc)...
  10. Polska

    In-depth Pat Mastelotto Interview

    A fantastic interview with drummer Pat Mastelotto conducted by the best music journalist out there (IMHO) - Anil Prasad. Fans of King Crimson, Mr. Mister or creative drumming in general - check it out. The Innerviews site also contains a ton of...
  11. Polska

    Sonor Martini kit

    So my friend's son is just getting started and they are thinking of getting him a kit. He's young, 10ish, and so I'm keeping my eyes open. Anyone familiar with this Sonor Martini kit? $399 shipped, a good name company and i thought it might be sized nicely for a younger kid. What say you...
  12. Polska

    SOLD - Instructional books for sale

    Got a bunch of used drum instructional books for sale. They are older, but intact and have pencil and/or date stamp markings on the pages, but the exercises are not marked aside from perhaps some counts written on top of the bar. $5 each plus $2 shipping. Cheaper if you want more than one...
  13. Polska

    Jojo Mayer - "Changing Time" documentary

    I know that Jojo's band "Nerve" isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I have to say that I love watching the videos of them playing live. Jojo is definitely following a unique, creative approach, and watching him reverse engineer drum machine rhythms on an acoustic kit is crazy! I like how he...
  14. Polska

    Hammerax sale until 3/10

    Great deals on Hammerax cymbals until March 10th! Some pretty cool products if you are looking for something different.
  15. Polska

    1968 Ludwig Psychedelic Red kit

    Up for sale is my 1968 Ludwig Psychedelic Red drum set. $1,500.00 shipped to the lower 48. If you live in or around Buffalo NY and would rather pick up then let me know and we can arrange something. Save a little money too. Here’s what we have: 12x8 tom, 13x9 tom, 16x16 floor tom and 22x14 bass...
  16. Polska

    My new (to me) C&C's out at a gig (a few pics)

    Took my C&C's (courtesy of DanRH) out on a gig yesterday afternoon. Fantastic look and sound! The floor toms especially were thunderous with deep tone. Very happy with my purchase. These are certainly my main home practice and gig kit. A few pics:
  17. Polska

    Speaking of Steve Smith

    I just grabbed his Vital Information "One Great Night Live" CD/DVD combo on Amazon for $14! An hour of live footage, and his drums are turned sideways facing the band, so much of the footage is shot looking at him playing. Outstanding, and what a bargain! Highly recommended!!
  18. Polska

    OT: My greyhound's 15 minutes of fame!

    Okay, so someone from the pet section of the Huffington Post came across a picture of our tripod greyhound Dexter via one of the dog groups we support on Facebook and they ran a story on him! They asked my wife Gigi a few questions and we supplied them with some pictures for the short article. A...
  19. Polska

    OT - Bands feeling exploited by venues should read this

    This musician makes a lot of good points. Bands do need to make some effort at promotion of course, but I agree with a lot of what's said here.:
  20. Polska

    Ludwig Rockers

    Hey, I have a friend in Atlanta looking at this kit: The guy told him he paid close to 8 grand initially, which I think is a load of garbage. These are Ludwig Rockers, which if I'm not mistaken are more of a beginner line right? He was also...