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  1. Bandit

    Rock album of the year?

    Chevelle Niratius gets my vote so far.
  2. Bandit

    Wolfgang Van Halen's new band.

    For those Van Halen fans out there, here is Eddie's off spring continuing on the name. His voice sounds a bit like Gowan's, and is pretty good. Not a bad tune about his dad.
  3. Bandit

    Great new album by The Dead Daisies.

    Have a listen to their new album Holy ground. Really good stuff. Glen Hughes sings his face off.
  4. Bandit

    Most recent iteration of a great supergroup.

    One of my favourite bands is a supergroup that changes its members from time to time. The most recent iteration of the group has Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals. Doug Aldrich on lead guitar. David Lowy on rhythm guitar, and Deen Castronovo on drums. They have a new album coming out on Jan...
  5. Bandit

    OT: Bring on the cold!

    My son and I decided to set up the rink this year. 35’ x 75’. Bring your sticks. :)
  6. Bandit

    Great piece in this issue of Rhythm on Neil.

    Just got my Rhythm magazine issue 297, in the mail. It features Neil on the cover, and covers much about him on the inside.
  7. Bandit

    Me and my pal out on the links.

    Finally set the 9 hole course up on my property. This is the 205 yard 6th hole. The 9 holes are 1509 yards. Short but good practice. Plus I know the owner so it’s free. :)
  8. Bandit

    Neil Peart voted the greatest prog musician of all time
  9. Bandit

    If you had to choose one for their music after Genesis.

    I was talking to my son about this yesterday. If you had to choose between Peter and Phil for their solo career music, who would you pic. I am leaning towards Peter.
  10. Bandit

    Mapex new Black Panther collection with sound samples

    Mapex finally has all their new Black Panther snares up on the USA site with videos of how they sound.
  11. Bandit

    Any one else use Photobucket?

    I have been on Photobucket for about 10 years now. Unfortunately they seem to change their plans weekly. With the most recent change they are measuring how much bandwidth you are using. Well I guess I am over even though I have only used half of my picture allotment. So now when I post my...
  12. Bandit

    Modern Drummer - Neil Peart

    This came today. Lots of cool Neil stuff inside. Will be framed after reading to hang in drum loft.
  13. Bandit

    Got to watch iRacing with Nascar drivers

    Well my nascar has been cancelled for a few weeks now, and probably will be for a few more. I had not heard of iRacing until yesterday. It is a whole world of virtual car racing. I used to do something similar to this with my xbox, steering wheel, pedals, and a comfy seat. Today the setups...
  14. Bandit

    Why so mad when people diss your favourites?

    The hardest thing I have found about these online sites, since I have been on them the last 11 years, is dealing with people that diss things I really like. I have also been on the other end of this dilemma when I have dissed other people's likes. Most on these sites can just let it slide, and...
  15. Bandit

    My Stairway to Heaven.

  16. Bandit

    Got my tickets to day for Alter Bridge.

    Alter Bridge has been in my top two favourite bands since they formed back in 2004. I have never seen them live. They are coming to Canada for one show on their next leg. It will be at Casino Rama on May the 15th. Can't wait. :)
  17. Bandit

    This is cool!

    Did I miss us talking about this before?
  18. Bandit

    Putting together an album with an old friend.

    A few years back I got together with a guy that I grew up with on the same street. We used to jam in his 9 x 9 room in his basement, with his double stack trainer at ten, smoking week, and eating his mother's pasta. :) Him and I have been writing original music together which is something I...
  19. Bandit

    Opinion Rhapsody!

    Fun take on a great song. Next time you are arguing on line, think of this song. :)
  20. Bandit

    Pretty sure she can play with a band.

    Well I think Meytal has proven many people wrong. This girl can play, and play with a band she can. Love her tom use in this song.