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    Camco Oaklawn Silver Sparkle

    That is just... wow. That 18" kick drum is something else. Perfect jazz kit that can rock out when needed.
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    Roland KVX V-Drums Hi Hat Volume

    Most people wouldn't want every hit to register at 127 velocity, only the hardest hits. You'll have almost no dynamic range with the sensitivity so high. But if it works for you that's great.
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    Roland KVX V-Drums Hi Hat Volume

    No worries! I was new to this a few years ago and it is confusing at first. So there are two settings that effect to volume of a drum pad - the volume (db) and the sensitivity. How hard you hit a drum pad is called velocity and in midi that is measured in the range from 0-127, with 127 being...
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    Roland KVX V-Drums Hi Hat Volume

    So you maxed out the volume but did you also change the pad sensitivity? Try increasing the sensitivity in the pad settings for the VH10. You should should be getting close to the max midi velocity reading (127) on a hard hit. However, if it sounds great through headphones and not your amp, that...
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    Audio problem for my hybrid drum setup.

    I use a Mac so I'm not super familiar, but I think by default ASIO drivers are exclusive, meaning they work with one application at a time. Maybe this will help:
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    Roland KVX V-Drums Hi Hat Volume

    TD17KVX? I have one and haven't had that issue. Only thing to watch is that the Roland logo is always at the back since the sensor is on the opposite side.
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    Low Volume Agean R Series Cymbals

    Just want to give a big thumbs up for Graynor Music. I'm not affiliated in any way, just a customer. I can say that they provided fantastic customer service!
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    Durability of Gloss Lacquer vs Matte Lacquer (on Canopus Yaiba, and generally)

    I have a red sparkle Yaiba bop kit and the finish is the best I've ever seen on a drum. The gloss coat finish is extremely strong and I've had no issues with scratches or crazing. I don't have experience moving the drums between temperature extremes, but based on the quality of the finish I...
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    Need some help with Roland KVX TD-17 Drums

    These should work great. You should avoid noise cancelling headphones as they won’t help with edrumming. You just need decent closed back headphones and these look perfect.
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    Need some help with Roland KVX TD-17 Drums

    Your headphones use a usb dongle so will only play sounds from your computer. However, there is likely a perceptible delay in the headphones that will make drumming very difficult. I'd strongly recommend getting cheap wired headphones. To play along to videos on your computer you have a few...
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    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    Bing Bang Boom....
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    Who had the best ''Sonor'' Kits?

    Steve Smith! Since the late 70's I think.
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    In ear monitors with a good seal are my favorite, they can completely eliminate the background noise of sticks hitting pads. Etymotic and Shure both make great options.
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    Wrist pain from electronic drums?

    Taking some time to getting the settings for each pad right can help, that way you don't feel the need to hit really hard. A lot of the issues people have with edrums could be helped with careful calibration of each pad to your playing style. Keeping the cymbals loose can also help a lot. I...
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    My beloved Sonor Teardrop Rosewood

    I think Teardrops are the prettiest drums ever made and these are really stunning. And of course they sound amazing. Restoring a vintage kit like this is such a satisfying process.
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    Amazon deals thread

    Ugh. Always been curious about flat hats so I couldn't resist. Thanks!
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    Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth 22inch Excellent condition!

    Is this still available?
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    Rogers Tower snare bearing edges

    Thanks! Glad to hear they are likely original. It's a really sweet sounding snare and a great match for my kit.
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    Rogers Tower snare bearing edges

    I picked up a silver sparkle Tower snare on Ebay recently. It was filthy and the heads were trashed but now I've got it all cleaned up and looking really nice. I has a fairly early serial number (3307) and the vent hole is spaced two lugs away from the strainer which I've heard indicates it's a...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    @stinkingbadges is a great seller! Dealt with an issue that was an honest mistake in the classiest way possible. Big thumbs up.