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  1. shilohjim

    paiste 2002 cymbals throughout the years

    My current 2002 "Ride" is just over 2400g, while the one I had from 1978 weighed in at around 2150g. So they were definitely beefed up. I prefer the older crashes and the current rides.
  2. shilohjim

    Slingerland Magnum tom mount downtube diameter

    Can anyone tell me the diameter of the downtube on a Slingerland Magnum tom mount? Thanks!
  3. shilohjim

    What is the Best Sounding Steel Snare

    Pearl Sensitone Classic, 5.75"X14" Nickel over Steel. Very versatile.
  4. shilohjim

    I Can't Believe I am Posting This... "Daydream Believer" (cover) "The Sugar Pills"

    Hal only played on the Nesmith produced tunes (at least up until Instant Replay). Billy Lewis did most of the drumming on the first two albums and then was supplanted in the studio by Eddie Hoh (Micky Dolenz himself played on Headquarters). The stuff cut in New York was Gary Chester and Herb...
  5. shilohjim

    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    I'm 1/2 hour from Delaware, where the average property tax bill is 92% cheaper than here in NJ. No sales tax, no personal property tax, and car insurance is 70% cheaper on average. And if you're 65 and over, your already low property taxes are slashed by 50%. Sounds great, right? You'd think...
  6. shilohjim

    Milford Graves has passed away.

    I loved his whole approach to music and life itself. Probably one of the most interesting people that's ever existed, and a true pioneer.
  7. shilohjim

    Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Warm-up Set (Live on KEXP) :)

    Yes, both David McGraw and Jimmy James are in the True Loves, and remained so even after joining Delvon Lamarr.
  8. shilohjim

    Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Warm-up Set (Live on KEXP) :)

    That is a great performance. They've had about a dozen drummers since then.
  9. shilohjim

    Did anyone catch the SNL musical guest last week

    This thread is timely. I got banned from WXPN's Facebook page for going on in great detail about how crappy and devoid of talent Phoebe Bridgers is and why they are further contributing to the decline of western civilization by playing her vapid, insipid pablum.
  10. shilohjim

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2021 Nominees

    Still no Three Dog Night. No other act sold more records from 1969-1975.
  11. shilohjim

    OT: Zappa meets Davy Jones

    He was also in the next to last episode of the TV series, "The Monkees Blow Their Minds", where he and Mike Nesmith switch roles, then smashes an old car with a sledgehammer. He was a huge fan and advocate of The Monkees.
  12. shilohjim

    Andy White (British Studio Drummer - "Love Me Do")

    By the way, The Smithereens released their version of "Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You" featuring Andy White on a 45 last year. Cool release with a picture sleeve and the old Tollie label revived.
  13. shilohjim

    Andy White (British Studio Drummer - "Love Me Do")

    It's funny that George Martin was supposedly unhappy with Ringo's playing on Love Me Do, yet chose to release this version as The Beatles first single on Parlophone, while relegating Andy's version to the album.
  14. shilohjim

    for Phil Collins, the divorce woes just keep coming

    If it got to the point where I was in that kind of shape, and loss of dignity became reality, it would be time to eat the gun.
  15. shilohjim

    Yamaha Drums made in Japan Vs. Taiwan

  16. shilohjim

    OT - Tony Bennett reveals he has Alzheimer's

    One of the finest singers I've had the privilege to hear. This sucks big time.
  17. shilohjim

    for Phil Collins, the divorce woes just keep coming

    I don't understand the whole idea of marriage, especially today. Is it the idea of some sort of ownership of another human being? I see not a single advantage.
  18. shilohjim

    Why do people play such bad Cymbals?

    I'd rather have some sheet metal cymbals over some of those foul sounding Istanbul and Bosphorus cymbals everyone goes crazy over, but to me sound like poopy.
  19. shilohjim

    OT - Can we just stop with the GOAT sports comparisons?

    It was a lot harder to quarterback when your receivers were allowed to be mauled by defensive backs and offensive linemen could not extend their arms to block on passing plays. Prior to the 1978 passing rules change, if a quarterback hit on 52% of his passes, he was an all-pro. Today, a...
  20. shilohjim

    O.T. Customized Die Cast Cars (i.e. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc.)

    Yep, won second place the first year, then got my dad to make a few adjustments, and got first the year after. Still got the car and the trophys. BSA Troop 58, Centerton NJ.