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  1. fatchoppers

    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    Title says it all here go’s my list Tama swingstar 4pc pwr Tom sizes tama swingstar 5pc Tama starclassic B/b 2 up 2 down Ludwig 60’s Wmp 22 13 13 16 Ludwig Club date pro beat Dw design 22 16 13
  2. fatchoppers

    My DW Design review

    ok DFOers , I picked up this Dw Design 3 piece on clearance at GC. I thought all they had was the crimson left but I found 1 more iron metallic (Matt black) I didn't have high expectations and I bought it because it was on clearance. I wasn’t crazy about the Matt finish until I set it up 1st...
  3. fatchoppers

    Paiste Formula 602 Se hi hats 14

    Looking to trade Paiste Formula 602 Se hi hats 14 . I’m interested in other Paiste hi hats Dw snare drum
  4. fatchoppers

    FeeBay wants your bank. Reverb no PayPal

    First reverb stopped accepting PayPal so I stopped selling there . Now feebay wants to be in and out of my bank account. Geez. What’s next a retina scan for every sale. lately seems like Facebook market place is best but Facebook is keeping a log how many times u pissed each day technology...
  5. fatchoppers

    Power Toms who digs em?

    Any one still playing power toms. let’s see what u got
  6. fatchoppers

    Dw lefty style

    Just picked up a 3pc design series 1st thoughts is the bass drum kicks ass
  7. fatchoppers

    40th anniversary Tama Snare

    Anyone know the value of these? I have a new one in the box never opened with the case and certificate of authenticy Every now and then I have the urge to play it but it stays in the original box still smelling new ! Anyone else holding on to one of these ???? Description 40th Anniversary...
  8. fatchoppers

    What’s with the blackros over $200

    Since when did the 5x14 blackro market for 250 Geez I bought a couple for 50-100 range few years ago
  9. fatchoppers

    SOLD Istanbul Nostalgia Jazz Ride 22 50’s

    Whatcha got to trade. Open to offers
  10. fatchoppers

    SOLD. Istanbul 22 Ride , Zildjian k Constantinople ride ,Soultone thinning herd

    Zildjian bounce ride 20 $320 Istanbul nostalgia 50’s 22 jazz ride $300 Soultone 17 China $90
  11. fatchoppers

    $50 Slingy’s

    I tried but as was taken down within a few hours Hopefully one of u guys nabbed em
  12. fatchoppers

    Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Jazz Ride 22

    22 nostalgia ride $300 new Really sweet ride 2293 grams
  13. fatchoppers

    Vintage Tama Artwood Snare Drum

    Vintage Tama snare drum $425
  14. fatchoppers

    Cymbals cymbals cymbals and dw

    Paiste signature fast crash 18 SOLD Zildjian K dark crash 17 vintage 200 shipped Soultone heavy hammered China 17. $100 shipped Bosphorus 17 crash 160 shipped Dw 5000 pedal $100 shipped USA shipping
  15. fatchoppers

    Ludwig Speed King Bass drum pedal and Spur lok hi hat

    Pedal needs to be cleaned and re greased $50 plus ship spur lok hh stand . rod is threaded on both ends missing rubber feet. $30
  16. fatchoppers

    Sold Vintage Vibra Zanchi hi hats

    $125 for forum members This may interest some vintage guys Vibra 13 hi hats 756g 765g Jazz 1950’s 1960’s Traditional vid sample...
  17. fatchoppers

    Bosphorus 17 crash 1110g $150 vid sample

    Excellent condition $150+ actual shipping
  18. fatchoppers

    Old Treasure Paiste 404 15 hh

    I just was uploading some videos with better mic. These are nice sounding On the lighter side . What ya think ?
  19. fatchoppers

    Any have one of these ? paiste

    Simbol lol
  20. fatchoppers

    Istanbul Murathan 18” crash 1625g

    Heavy Crash 1625g mint Would go nice with K Customs 165 plus ship