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  1. Heartbeat

    14" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hats - EXC

    Red label 14" 2002 Sound Edge hi-hats in excellent condition. I'm the only owner and haven't played them in many years, so it's time to let them go. They are great hats together, or you can mix and match them with other tops/bottoms. $275 shipped to US 48, no trades. Thanks.
  2. Heartbeat

    19" Kerope (brand new)

    GONE. Thanks. 19" Zildjian Kerope
  3. Heartbeat


    FOUND Looking for a 22" Zildjian Kerope Medium ride that weighs more than 2700g. Thanks.
  4. Heartbeat

    SOLD: NOS black label 20" Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride "Jazz Rock"

    SOLD Black label (1980) 20" Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride from the Paiste vault. Paiste labeled these "Jazz Rock" for a brief time in '80-'81. I played it once, so there might be a stick mark, but this thing is in excellent new condition (thought I'd use it with a band, gigs). Weighs 2760g. A...
  5. Heartbeat

    Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    I've started playing with an all-female "banjo-rock/grass-rock" band (which is how our singer is describing it, LOL). We have one player who either plays banjo, mandolin, or acoustic guitar, depending on the song; one player on keys; 3-part vocal harmonies, and we're adding a bassist soon. Not...
  6. Heartbeat

    No longer receiving emails for Watched forums

    Hi. I have the For Sale forums marked as "watch" and have them set up to receive emails for new thread postings. Lately, I've noticed I'm no longer receiving those emails. Any way to get this corrected? Thank you.
  7. Heartbeat

    What I did on my summer lockdown (new album)

    New rock album out today. Here's a quick sample of a few of the tracks. Drum tracks were recorded in my home studio during the summer lockdown, then mixed at the producer's studios. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. The album can be purchased at
  8. Heartbeat

    What hats are these? (Live Bullet)

    They sound like Zildjians? I'm not super familiar with all the vintage Zildjians, but I'm guessing heavier 14" (15"?) New Beats? Quick Beats? Rock (did they exist then?)? They sound so chunky and "pea-soup" good! I believe this was Charlie Allen Martin on the Live Bullet album....
  9. Heartbeat

    When would you choose a mahogany vs a maple snare?

    I find that a maple snare can cover a lot of situations, of course. But I'm curious: Sizes being equal, when would YOU choose to use a mahogany vs a maple snare? A certain genre? A certain song dynamic (a soft ballad or a rocker?)? Do you prefer a mahogany snare and why/why not? Or do you think...
  10. Heartbeat

    Gretsch 302 hoops on snare drums

    I've been curious about the Gretsch 302 hoops on snare drums, but being a Ludwig player, I've never used them. What are your experiences with them? I'm guessing they sound more focused than 2.3mm triple flanged, but more open than die-cast? What shell material do you like them on? I know Mike...
  11. Heartbeat

    14" Paiste Giant Beat hi-hats - SOLD

    SOLD 14" Paiste Giant Beat hi-hats with serial numbers from 2005 Original owner, rarely played. They've been in my closet for 10 years, in great condition. Light stick marks, NO cracks/dents/keyholes. Medium-thin top/medium-heavy bottom. Perfect for soft rock/pop/jazz/acoustic. Will be...
  12. Heartbeat

    PDP Concept direct-drive pedal - NEW (SOLD)

    SOLD! Thanks! Brand new/mint PDP (by DW) Concept direct-drive bass drum pedal I bought it as a backup, but never need it. Super smooth, fast, very responsive. Comes with drum key attached to baseplate, original beater (never played). Cobalt low-mass cam Retractable spurs XF brushed aluminum...
  13. Heartbeat

    Shure SE215 Isolating Earphones/In-Ear Monitors (SOLD)

    Shure SE215 earphones/in-ear monitors, wraps around the top of your ears. Used only twice. Excellent condition, superb sound, great isolation. Comes with original case and I'll include extra Comply earphone tips (size small). SOLD! Thanks!
  14. Heartbeat

    WTB: 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy/Rock hi-hats

    I'm looking for a relatively nice pair of 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy (sometimes labeled "Rock") hi-hats. No cracks, major dings, or keyholes. Thanks.
  15. Heartbeat

    Beato Pro 1 vs Protection Racket cymbal bag

    I often gig with a 24" ride using the Protection Racket deluxe cymbal bag. While I love its padding, it's an annoyingly tight fit. The zipper is right up against the cymbal. Is anyone using the 24" Beato Pro 1 bag? Is there more space around the edge? How is the padding between the cymbals and...
  16. Heartbeat

    Which in-ear monitor system?

    I'm an IEM newbie, so bear with me. One of the bands I play with only has 2 monitor speakers with their PA, so I'm considering going the IEM route. After searching DFO and researching, I've narrowed it down to a couple choices, but would love some input. My budget is only about $200. Option 1...
  17. Heartbeat

    I'm in DRUMHEAD Magazine!

    I'm featured in a Rich Sticks ad on page 53 of the latest issue (October) of DRUMHEAD Magazine. Subscribers should be receiving it shortly, but it will be available in Barnes & Noble stores soon. Had to keep this under wraps for a couple months, but just wanted to say that, like many of us, as a...
  18. Heartbeat

    DrumDots - a "clear" alternative to other dampeners

    A friend of mine just turned me on to DrumDots, a clear dampener (as opposed to blue Moongels). A bit more expensive than Moongel, but so far I'm loving them on floor toms. They let the drum "speak," but cut out some of the ring. And a BIG bonus is that they aren't ugly! They do smell a little...
  19. Heartbeat

    Flying with gear (pedal, sticks)

    My band is flying up to NY for a gig that's being backlined, but I'm taking my pedal and sticks. It's been a while since I've flown with gear. Can these items be carried on without the TSA thinking they're weapons? LOL! :rolleyes:
  20. Heartbeat

    Heart Brigade (Heart tribute) in NY, NC, SC, FL

    Just a few of our more exciting dates. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi. 7/18 - Fayetteville After Five @ Festival Park, Fayetteville, NC 8/2 - Crazy Jake's Summer Concert Series, N. Tonawanda, NY 8/7 - House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC 9/20 - Apex Jazz & Music Festival, Apex, NC 9/29 -...