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  1. gretschdrummer

    Glynn John’s miking...... Ez and it works!!

    I did this in like 2 minutes For home practice it can’t be beat One overhead front and centered of the kit One between the snare and bass drum One on the kick
  2. gretschdrummer

    The ventures max weinberg and Hawaii 50

  3. gretschdrummer

    Ringo’s snare collectible? Find this one and you’re a billionaire
  4. gretschdrummer

    Cubital tunnel surgery...can only play with traditional grip

    4 weeks out of surgery and now I’m playing traditional grip Never did this before but matched grip sends a wave of nerve pain up from hand to my elbow... im right handed So weird playing drum set especially trying to hit high toms and crashes to my left Don’t seem to get anything on my...
  5. gretschdrummer

    3 weeks out from cubital tunnel surgery. Aarrgghh

    Can’t drum Never thought I’d miss it so much Long rehab awaits and still look like this At least stitches out and arm swelling finally beginning to go down Thought on oak and large sticks Don’t do it if you can That shock wave up the arms will get ya at about age 45
  6. gretschdrummer

    Going in for ulnar nerve surgery

    They move the ulnar nerve above The elbow bone to relieve the compression and hopefully the pain numbness Apparently others here have had it and not surprisingly it in my left arm with the backbeat. 45 years of shock going up the arm
  7. gretschdrummer

    Business versus hobby as applied to drums

    As a tax preparer I run into this sometimes Guys that do a few side gigs want to write off all of their drum purchases and obviously never show a paper profit or in fact substantial losses Here’s how the irs defines it and as a cpa I have to comply......after all the irs will come after me as...
  8. gretschdrummer

    Gave up on modern drummer

    A month ago bought the Neil Peart issues through modern drummer Still haven’t received Impossible to contact and lost hope it would miracle itself on my porch Oh well I just disputed the transaction And had it taken off my bill It’s a shame though because I grew up with that magazine and I...
  9. gretschdrummer

    Does Ludwig classic oak offer an 8 inch Tom?

    Website says no But I think I’ve seen them
  10. gretschdrummer

    Has anyone actually received modern drummer Neil Peart issues?

    Paid 4 weeks ago no show No answers to emails calls etc. Time to just dispute credit card charge?
  11. gretschdrummer

    57 years and one month ago tonight

    Just a different look
  12. gretschdrummer

    Fred Astaire playing drums in his office interview

    Figure guy that can dance like that should be able to swing
  13. gretschdrummer

    UFIP 12" used as hats...sold

    ok...they are a combo of a wuhan heavy rock bottom i'll include to use as a bottom heavy cymbal and an ancient ufip heavy 800 gram top........... I had no idea what they even were so here is a link to the discussion about them...I initially thought they were old K's...but the signed bell it was...
  14. gretschdrummer

    Guide on how to audition for a gig

  15. gretschdrummer

    for Phil Collins, the divorce woes just keep coming
  16. gretschdrummer

    Tama neon pump it or dump it?

    Hmmmmm I want to but then I think why?
  17. gretschdrummer

    Mapex. Where to get info

    Perhaps the worst drum company website of all time Categories only from pro level down? How about by series?
  18. gretschdrummer

    Genesis rehearsal for September tour
  19. gretschdrummer

    Opinions on this new tama finish

    Too over the top?