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  1. idrum4fun

    Please explain this price to me!!

    Am I missing something here? This is a snare drum from eBay... Click Here -Mark
  2. idrum4fun

    Slingerland 1970 COB Festival Snare Drum No. 136

    I recently acquired this snare drum and am in the process of doing a complete restoration. After discussing this drum with a member here, we've concluded that it is a Festival No. 136. I've chosen to document my progress of this drum over at VDF, since that site allows larger pictures to be...
  3. idrum4fun

    What Gretsch snare drum is this?

    Hi all, I purchased this Gretsch 5x12 COS snare drum some years back to go with a kid's kit I acquired. It sounds pretty good and is actually too good for the kid's kit! I haven't been able to pin down what line and model this is. I first thought it was from the Black Hawk series, but that...
  4. idrum4fun

    Ludwig Brass Edition Supraphonic

    I recently took possession of this really nice "Brass Edition" Supraphonic. Many of you may recall the discussion on this from this thread.... HERE It was originally advertised as a 13x5. It was just a typo by the seller. When the seller contacted me with an offer for less than his asking...
  5. idrum4fun

    Rogers Big R 4pc - 1976 - Fully Restored - $650

    Offered for local pickup is a fully restored Rogers Big R kit, wrapped in original New England White. For many of you who also are VDF members, you're already aware of the full story on these. For any members here that don't know the story, just click HERE to take you over to the VDF website and...
  6. idrum4fun

    Ludwig WFL P83 Strainer on eBay

    Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I listed a Ludwig WFL P83 strainer on eBay for for a starting bid of $59.99 or $79.99 BIN + $7.80 Priority Mail shipping. It's in really nice shape and perfect for a restoration WFL snare drum. Here's the link... HERE
  7. idrum4fun

    If you love the band "Chicago" please check out this video!

    I just stumbled onto this video on YouTube and was so impressed that I felt it deserved to be shared. Many of you may be aware of this group, but many may not. I spent the last 30 minutes listening to many of Chicago's hits by this excellent band. I hope you enjoy it! -Mark
  8. idrum4fun

    Reduction in Picture Size

    Before the launch of the new, and much improved, website, the maximum size for attached pictures was 1200x900 pixels. With the new website, picture size has been reduced to half of that, now at 600x450 pixels. This size is just much too small to show much detail of our prized drums and other...
  9. idrum4fun

    Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride Approximate Year

    Hi all! Just like the title says, can anyone provide an educated guess as to the year, or decade, of this cymbal? It weighs in a hefty 3000 grams! Thanks! -Mark
  10. idrum4fun

    Jazz Fest Reissue Description Incorrect! Grrrr!

    OK, I'm just going to say it; I have a beef with Ludwig and their description of the newly released Jazz Festival! Partial text on their website says... "First introduced to the market in the 1950s as the Buddy Rich Model Snare Drum", and "the Jazzfest took on its first form in the early 1960s...
  11. idrum4fun

    Slingerland kit on eBay... this one really made me laugh!!

    Don't you just love when you see these kits, where the owner/seller thinks they are worth a fortune?!!! HERE -Mark
  12. idrum4fun

    Ludwig Weather Master 14" Heads - Price Increase

    Hi all! There are lots of us that love Ludwig's Weather Master heads. It wasn't too long ago that Ludwig made the decision to stop production of these heads, except for the 14" heads for snare drums. Yay! Their snare-side head is among the best. Sadly, I've noticed that prices for these heads...
  13. idrum4fun

    60's MIJ Snare Drum ID Help

    I posted about my newest MIJ snare drum acquisition over at Vintagedrumforum. Here's the link... Appreciate any information about which company may have built it. This one is a mystery to me! -Mark
  14. idrum4fun

    Uploaded picture size reduced after change to "NEW" DFO

    So, I'm going to go on a rant. Please forgive me! One of the things I liked most about DFO was that I could include pictures at the maximum permissible size of 1200x900. I found this size to offer very good clarity and detail when I posted pictures of drums and hardware, either to sell or just...
  15. idrum4fun

    SOLD - Ludwig Supraphonic 400 - 1970

    Please note: I’m shipping only to the lower 48 States $250 includes shipping! Here’s a very clean 1970 5x14 Supraphonic 400 snare drum. Completely detailed and ready to be played! Serial number is 812168 with a shell date stamp of NOV 13 1970, making the drum almost 48 years old! Minimal...
  16. idrum4fun

    Picture posting size now much smaller!

    Hi all! One of the things I liked most about DFO was the size pictures I could post, up to around 1200x900. This is the size I would scale my pictures to, which allowed for great detail for drums I would sell. Ever since the "new" software was launched, picture size is now limited. I haven't...
  17. idrum4fun

    SOLD - Custom 5x14 Worldmax Hammered Brass Snare Drum

    Offered for sale is another of my personal snare drums. This is one I assembled back in 2015 and has NEVER been played. OK, I tapped on the batter head a few times, but that's it! I was going through a phase where I was assembling drums from parts I liked, just to keep busy and give me something...
  18. idrum4fun

    SOLD - Pearl Sensitone Elite Steel Snare Drum - Like New!

    Offered is a Pearl Sensitone Elite Steel snare drum in like new condition! New Evans heads and Pearl Ultra-Sound SN-1420C wires. Heres the breakdown: Model STE1450S 14x5 1mm Steel Shell 2.3mm engraved SuperHoop II Hoops CL55 Masters Lugs (10) Stainless Steel Tension Rods with Black Washers...
  19. idrum4fun

    Ludwig 1961 Super Classic Snare Drum WMP

    Offering my beautiful Ludwig Super Classic snare drum, complete with original wires. Shell size is 5.5 x 14 Beautifully detailed and ready to be played or displayed! Shell is date stamped APR 6 - 1961 The original WMP has beautifully "mellowed" over the years and is consistent all around the...
  20. idrum4fun

    SOLD - Player's Rogers SuperTen snare drum

    Heres an excellent players Rogers SuperTen snare drum. The shell is from the Big R era, is in-round, but shows some chrome scaling and pitting. New parts include: lugs (slight lengthening of each original lug hole by 1/32 to accommodate these lugs), tension rods and a Rogers-style butt. Tama 2mm...