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  1. robthetimekeeper

    Drummer autographs

    Bob Zildjian
  2. robthetimekeeper

    George or Terry

    For those who don't know, Terry Keating has the Bonzoleum channel on YouTube. George Fludas has the Bonhamology channel and also the PFOZ channel. Both are members of DFO. If you are a Bonham fan, check out their videos. PFOZ has some amazing Zeppelin covers.
  3. robthetimekeeper

    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    I saw it in the theater back in the day and I have it on DVD! It's one of my all time favorites. Ringo rules!
  4. robthetimekeeper

    What would you do?

    Does she make you sit down to pee?
  5. robthetimekeeper

    Robert Zildjian...err...Sabian.

    I have a gong signed by him.
  6. robthetimekeeper

    strategies for getting craigslist sellers to reply?

    I didn't think people used Craigslist anymore. Facebook Marketplace has taken over in my area.
  7. robthetimekeeper

    slipping stand, how to fix?

    Please post pics. I've never seen a setup like that before.
  8. robthetimekeeper

    any reason this wouldn't work? boom arm extension

    Why not just get a longer arm and cut it down to 8"?
  9. robthetimekeeper

    any reason this wouldn't work? boom arm extension

    How long do you need the boom arm to be?
  10. robthetimekeeper

    OT: Bill Murray Top 3 Favorite Movies

    The Razor's Edge I am a fan of all of Mr. Murray's films but this one is my favorite. It was both a commercial and critical failure but I love it. He only agreed to make Ghostbusters in order to do this film. It represents a decisive moment in his carreer and a true landmark in the legend of...
  11. robthetimekeeper

    What shipping service is best (reliable/cost efficient) within the US these days? Especially with COVID... I see people ditching USPS left & right.

    FedEx is best overall IMO. USPS has deliverer more than 20 packages on time for me within the last month.
  12. robthetimekeeper

    The Best One-Hit Wonders of the 70s

    Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Elvin Bishop
  13. robthetimekeeper

    Early 60s Ludwig Bracket Eye Bolt Replacement

    Thanks. That's good to know. Yeah, the one in the last pic is square and has metric threads. May be a different brand or custom made. The mount it came in has holes drilled in both sides for some reason. This was the first time I've seen that clip ring on the spurs (but then I've never seen a...
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    Begginer/Intermediate Drum Kits

    Yamaha Stage Custom Birch or PDP Concept Maple. Best bang for your buck IMO.
  15. robthetimekeeper

    Early 60s Ludwig Bracket Eye Bolt Replacement

    I have a pair of spur mounts with those eyes. They have a locking ring to hold the spurs in the mount. Anyone know if this is from the factory? I have every kind of eyebolt and even one that is squared with a different thread. I don't think it is ludwig but might be a different brand. Anyone...
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    Rock album of the year?

  17. robthetimekeeper

    OT: Your Favorite Schwarzenegger Movie

    Jingle All The Way.
  18. robthetimekeeper

    Celluloid Drum wrap from China....It has ARRIVED!

    The price is right. I spent that much at Walopus for just enough to wrap a four piece. I tried Bum Wrap first but gave up after the third time they got my order wrong. That Chinese wrap may be the ticket. How does it compare to Walopus? Here's my Slingerland Spitfire covered in Philosophic Fred.
  19. robthetimekeeper

    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    There is nothing I can't sell right here in the US48. Why go through the extra hassle?