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  1. paul

    TV Theme Songs

    You guys aren't going far enough. Some of us are old enough to remember the great big band themes of shows in the 50s and 60s, especially all the detective shows. "Peter Gunn" was a special example, featuring big band and combo jazz in the soundtrack and the show's plots.
  2. paul

    Six Lugs, Eight Lugs, or Ten Lugs?

    My go to snare drum is a single ply ten lug DW Craviotto. Second choice is an eight lug Radio king. Both drums have diecast hoops and Trick strainers. Not sure I could say why I like the DW more. They're both excellent drums. I don't think the number of lugs makes a great deal of difference in...
  3. paul

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    It hasn't come up here yet, as far as I can tell, but in my experience most audiences do indeed like drum solos. In my last few rock bands the drum solo has been a consistent way to help fill the tip jar.
  4. paul

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    Many drum solos don't meet my expectations, either, but criticism of individual performances isn't the same as dismissing the idea altogether. Maybe improve music education to improve solos overall would help. Or maybe just remember that 49% of drummers are below average. :angel3:
  5. paul

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    I do not understand the thinking of those who hate solos. How can you hate hearing your instrument being featured? Why should drums be treated differently from the other instruments in the band? I've always felt that soloing is part of playing drums. Regardless of the genre, you have to expect...
  6. paul

    Sonny Payne is drivin' the bus!

    Seeing Sonny with Basie on the Jackie Gleason Show in around 1959 blew my 11 year old mind. Last week my big band did our first show in 13 months, a tribute of sorts to Basie, mainly because there was no chance to rehearse beforehand and we usually perform those tunes fairly well. I still play...
  7. paul

    Jamwerks Open Beta: High Fidelity, Low Latency, Collaborative Music

    In our experiments, the important factor seems to be ping time, and the lower the better. Ping is of course the measure of how quickly a signal gets from one computer to another. To play together easily we found we needed a ping of less than 30 msec., and preferably 20 or less. Above 40 msec. it...
  8. paul

    Jamwerks Open Beta: High Fidelity, Low Latency, Collaborative Music

    How far apart are you, and does everyone have broadband?
  9. paul

    Jamwerks Open Beta: High Fidelity, Low Latency, Collaborative Music

    My jazz quartet has experimented with both Sonobus and Jamulus, with inconsistent results. We live in three different towns 40-50 miles apart. In addition, one guy has satellite internet service, which is pretty slow, and another is having problems either with his computer, internet provide, or...
  10. paul

    Wash line base drum ?

    Most people here have tried chains, ropes, and/or bungee cords to stop a sliding bass drum, but the best solution is a rug. You can often get a remnant at a carpet store for a low price, or a mat from an industrial supply store. I like my Wolfpack drum rug from GC. Do a search here for "rugs"...
  11. paul

    Creative/Interesting Warmups

    When I was in high school an older guy showed me a routine he'd learned, two paradiddles followed by two double paras followed by two triple paras, or RLRRLRLL RLRLRRLRLRLL RLRLRLRRLRLRLRLL. I start slow and speed up as much as I can while keeping it smooth. For me it's as much about giving my...
  12. paul

    How low (volume) can you go?

    Back in high school my band director, who was also my drum teacher, insisted I play my competition solos alternating volume; first time through at pp, second time at ff. And the orchestral tunes our band played also called for dynamic range. The last 20 years I've been in a big band that plays a...
  13. paul

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    * Do you do solo's? Yes *How long were you playing before you were able to solo? I played in school bands for several years before acquiring a drumset, but practiced soloing on my lone snare drum before getting the kit. As to whether I was actually capable, I thought so, but others may differ...
  14. paul

    Which cymbal topper do you use?

    I use the Tama toppers for the most part, with one modification: I glue a hihat felt to the bottom of the topper. Pardon the dust on the splash cymbal.
  15. paul

    Buddy Rich with Count Basie

    Basie in his autobiography noted that Buddy had played with him multiple times, and I've lamented the fact that there apparently weren't any recordings. Looks like I was wrong. Now if some of those gigs in the 60s would just show up. Buddy would have been 27 here.
  16. paul

    Back to Band Rehearsals after a year off

    I've had a quartet here in my living room every week for over a month, and my 20 piece big band started rehearsals last week. Everybody involved is vaccinated, and playing feels really good. Big band rehearsal especially felt like we'd never left off.
  17. paul

    Muscle memory

    Last night my big band played its first gig since March 11, 2020, an outdoor concert where we shared the stage, literally, with a high school jazz program. They had four different bands perform, a middle school band, two high school bands, and an all female jazz big band(!). I got to play my...
  18. paul

    Vic Firth "Vic Kick" Wood Shaft Beater

    If it came with a wood beater I'd buy two and give them a workout.
  19. paul

    Light-weight Hardware

    Are you going to gig with your kit? Why the insistence on light weight hardware? If it's not going to be moved why not go with heavy gear? As for pedals, I've been using DW5000 double pedals for 20 years and like them well enough to have three. They're also ubiquitous in the used market, so you...
  20. paul

    New to miking drums

    A sound man used to mic my 2 up/2 down kit with one overhead and a bass drum mic, and that worked quite well. More recently, but not that recently, I picked up a set of 4 drum mics on a stupid deal for $50. Then wound up buying cables and a 30' 8 channel snake, and some soldering tools and xlr...