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  1. mewing

    SOLD Zildjian A custom cymbal set - hats crash ride

    Great step up for your drum kit, in a matched set. All in nice shape with no damage. Lots of fingerprints and signs of use. 20" A Custom projection ride or medium ride (your choice) 16" A Custom crash 14" A Custom hi-hats Pick up in Fishers, near Indianapolis, or I can ship (probably about...
  2. mewing

    SOLD fibes CF Martin chrome over fiberglass snare drum

    I rescued this from a life in someone's basement and garage. It's a player snare for sure. Lots of pitting in the chrome wrap (see close-up photos). Apparent extra hole due to replacement strainer (see photo of interior). 5 1/2" by 14" See photos, ask questions. Pick up near Indianapolis or...
  3. mewing

    Zildjian 16" K dark crash medium thin

    Great condition with no issues (no keyhole, cracks, or edge dings), strong ink logos. Serial number dates it to 1999 (II), but it looks like its only a year or two old. The person that traded it in to me hardly used it. 1,189 grams. $175 plus shipping if needed from the Indianapolis area...
  4. mewing

    SOLD Zildjian A Custom 20" Projection crash

    10" Splash: Sold on Marketplace 12" Splash: Sold on Marketplace 16" Crash: Sold Locally 20" Projection Crash: Sold Locally No cracks or damage. More photos can be taken. Pick up in Fishers, IN off 106th Street east of I-69; may meet within reason; may ship. Contact me for shipping, but figure...
  5. mewing

    SOLD Ludwig Black Galaxy snare

    Great condition, other than one wire on the snare which is just a little loose compared to the others. Not sure if it even shows in the photo. 5" x 14" No stand. SOLD on Marketplace 4/11/2021 Pick up is welcome, of course. Looking for IAK and EAK, so a trade of some sort is possible...
  6. mewing

    SOLD Tama vintage low-pitch Octoban set with original stands

    Set of four low-pitch from the 80's, I believe, red label inside each drum and on each stand. 24" 26" 28 1/2" 31 1/2" Original hoops. Replacement Remo heads. Replaced one t-key on one stand. Also replaced one mounting clip with the newer Tama octoban clip (no alteration to mounting hole)...
  7. mewing

    Premier England 16" floor tom - parts or project drum SOLD

    This came to me with a non-Premier kit, and although it's generally rough, I figured it could be used by someone for parts. I don't know if it's 80's, 90's, APK, XPK...I don't know my Premier stuff. 16" diameter and 15" deep. Looks like mahogany under the paint, but I don't know for sure (see...
  8. mewing

    SOLD off site Ludwig pointy-badged Acrolite

    Used but pretty nice shape, and complete. The most scratches are on the badge panel of the shell (first photo). Let me know if you have any questions or need to see more detail. $200 plus shipping. Probably around $25, depending upon where you are located. I'm near Indianapolis, so west...
  9. mewing

    SOLD on the Ludwig Standard fb group - Nice 5-piece Ludwig Standard kit with hardware in Lemon Strata

    I've thought about selling these for about a year, and keep changing my mind. Even as I set them up for photos tonight there was some hesitation because I don't think I've seen a nicer set of these in person. Anyway, I have this period covered in my decades collection, and I'm trying to keep...
  10. mewing

    Zildjian A Medium ride

    20" Medium Ride. No damage (what may look like edge issues on the right side of the photo is discoloration). 2,430 grams. $130 Sabian xs20 14" hats, 16" crash, 20" ride $160 for the set Get with me for a shipping quote. Monty 317.695.0696
  11. mewing

    Tama Octoban clip

    Does anyone have one of these clip mounts? I can buy a new one from Tama that is slightly different, but I'd like to match the others. Three screws on the back. Thanks for checking Monty 317.695.0696
  12. mewing

    SOLD locally Zildjian EFX #1 12" cymbal

    1997 model with Drum Center of Indianapolis $157 price sticker still on the back! Really nice shape with only stick marks. 687 grams. $60 plus shipping (probably $15 to $20). Monty 317.695.0696
  13. mewing

    SOLD Small kit herd-thinning - Sonor, Yamaha, Pearl

    After much ado regarding small kits, and selling my Martini kit awhile back, I'm keeping my Austin Fibes micro and Gretsch RN-1, and parting with these three: Yamaha Manu Katche Junior with bags. $400 for four shells, floor tom legs, tom mount, duck foot lift, bags. Other hardware available...
  14. mewing

    Gretsch badge identification

    I searched this site, the Gretsch badge history site, and several others, and can't identify this badge. Square, with no identification other than the Gretsch name top and bottom. It's on a 3-piece shell pack where the (out-of-town for me) seller doesn't know what they have, and bought them...
  15. mewing

    SOLD on CL Padded drum bags for toms - various brands

    All padded; all zippers work; no rips or tears. Kaces 10x10 $10 H&B Galaxy 16x16 $35 Tama 6x14 $15 Tama 9x12 $15 Ace Music 6x14 $15 Ace Music 11x13 $15 Ace Music 16x16 $25 Measurements are either as marked on the case, or what I think is intended to fit in each case. They all measure...
  16. mewing

    SOLD Gretsch round badge WMP snare

    5 1/2" by 14" WMP 8-lug Strainer, adjustable butt, and muffler all functional. The last of my Gretsch orphans; I'm tempted to keep it...but I don't want to build a hoarder's warehouse! Round badge with grommet (not sure what year; I'm not a Gretsch expert). Appears to be original except the...
  17. mewing

    SOLD Ludwig 1966 black oyster floor tom 16"

    Complete, no extra holes, nice edges, nice wrap with very little fading. $500 plus shipping based upon your location, or you can provide a label. Date stamp appears to be July 23, 1966, but I can't be absolutely sure. See photos; ask questions; buy it as a nice gift for yourself to round out...
  18. mewing

    SOLD Set of old Gretsch bass T-rods and claws

    Someone feel free to tell me if they know the age of these. They came as extras with a round badge bass drum. For now, I'd like to offer them as a set of eight for $80 shipped east of the Mississippi, and $90 to the west. But if they don't sell as a set over the next few days, I'd consider...
  19. mewing

    SOLD elsewhere Amber Vistalite snare

    5" by 14" Complete with all lugs, all tension rods, all gaskets, muffler, strainer, butt plate, Ludwig snare wires, hoops, heads... No extra holes. Badge has been torn off (why do people do this?!). I know there are replacements out there, but I decided to just leave it as I got it. Small...
  20. mewing

    SOLD Affordable and Blasphemic Ludwig 1966 Black Oyster 13" tom

    The person I got this drum from, as well as a non-matching bass and 12", seemed to have an unhealthy affection for Pearl tom mounting hardware. Check the photos closely; I've included 14 of them, but can send more if needed. No reso hoop, head or tension rods, so of course there are two nicks in...