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  1. paul

    Buddy Rich with Count Basie

    Basie in his autobiography noted that Buddy had played with him multiple times, and I've lamented the fact that there apparently weren't any recordings. Looks like I was wrong. Now if some of those gigs in the 60s would just show up. Buddy would have been 27 here.
  2. paul

    Muscle memory

    Last night my big band played its first gig since March 11, 2020, an outdoor concert where we shared the stage, literally, with a high school jazz program. They had four different bands perform, a middle school band, two high school bands, and an all female jazz big band(!). I got to play my...
  3. paul

    Random drum thought(s)

    Listening to the mp3 player in shuffle mode, and the Beatles' "Something" came up. It reminded me how much I hate that dead snare drum sound. Didn't like it then, and my opinion hasn't changed. I recommended Count Basie to the drummer for an area high school jazz band. He obviously had no idea...
  4. paul

    Drums and the big freeze

    I keep my gigging sets in my garage (snares and cymbals in the house), and that's where they sat during the Covidgeddon here in Texas. As it happens, I have a couple of gigs coming up with my big band, and even though I was confident they'd survive okay it seemed prudent to check. So late last...
  5. paul

    Drum teacher reacts to Buddy Rich

  6. paul

    Now THIS is a jazz kit

    This was just sent to me. What a band!
  7. paul

    Steve Marcus talks about Buddy Rich

    My bandleader sent this to me, and I think it's pretty interesting.
  8. paul

    Ignore. Wrong response to an error message.

    My bandleader has been posting videos of our big band every day for weeks (I didn't know we had that many videos out there), and shared this one today. The arrangement is by Los Angeles leader/arranger Tom Kubis, but the interpretation is all PRB. We love playing this, and most consider it one...
  9. paul

    Just had to post

    My bandleader has been posting videos of the band every day for weeks now, and shared this one today. The arrangement is from Tom Kubis, the Los Angeles bandleader/arranger, and IMO is one of the best in our 2000 chart library.
  10. paul

    Online jamming - anybody doing it?

    My small group wants to get together online if we can, and I'm not sure about the best way. I've participated in a Zoom meeting, and also on a Facebook Messenger video call. Both worked pretty well, but these were conversations and not jams. It's become obvious that my computer and tablet are...
  11. paul

    Some Gretsch praise - holding tune

    Since I'm stuck at home and have no gigs on the horizon, I decided to take down my home set and set up my 'jazz' gigging setup. The bulk of my work the last 18 months or so has been either rock or big band, and that setup uses 12/13/15/16/22. The small group setup uses 10/12/14/15/20, physically...
  12. paul

    Why so many sticks?

    The thread about what's in our stick bags got me thinking. I notice a LOT of sticks in people's bags, and I wonder why? Do you expect to break 10 sticks tonight? Do you use multiple different sticks in the course of the night? Do you just like carrying all your sticks everywhere?
  13. paul

    A little brush stuff

    After about 10 years (as near as I can tell), it feels like time for some new brushes, which means modifying the new ones. Like many, I want a narrower spread of the wires, something non-retractable brushes don't allow. But some black electrical tape works very nicely, and lasts a looooong time...
  14. paul

    Soloing with brushes

    My big band leader discovered the all female band Diva recently, and has acquired some of their arrangements, including this drum feature. When I first heard it my fight or flight instincts were immediately activated. John gave me a copy of my part the afternoon before the first time we played...
  15. paul

    My big band playing Basie.

    Pecos River Brass recorded on an android phone last night at the Hurst Public Library. Great crowd.
  16. paul

    New challenge

    My bandleader got five cds by The Diva Jazz Orchestra for Christmas, and has already gotten a list of their original charts from the manager, and ordered this one for us to play. Time to go to work.
  17. paul

    What kind of drums are these?

    They sound pretty good, whatever they are.
  18. paul

    big band rehearsal

    How do you get 20 musicians and their gear in a suburban living/dining room with room to play? Very carefully. Not seen: the percussionist sitting on the drummer's right. Also not seen: pink sparkle Gretsch 22/13/15, 6x14 Radio King, and A Zildjian 14" hats, 22" ride, 20" china, 14"/16"/18"...
  19. paul

    Hihat tambourine

    I like to use a tambourine on my hihat sometimes, and also sometimes a splash. Now I can do both at once. Note that this is the Gibraltar quick release clutch, which is the only one in my collection of several whose tightening screw is long enough to do this.
  20. paul

    Cymbal Cleaning

    I admit it. I'm a fan of clean, shiny cymbals, and clean mine regularly, especially since a friend told me about Bar Keepers Friend. So I brought my cymbals home from our big band rehearsal space for cleaning. Before and after pics are attached. Cymbals are all A's of various ages, mostly...