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  1. cashmanbashman

    18” Sabian Sick Hats

    I have these 18” Sabian AA Sick hats in excellent condition. I had a hard time running these down for a not so ridiculous price and I do love them but— I have spent stupid money recently and still want a few things. I need to trade for these items for at least the meantime. Wanted 19”...
  2. cashmanbashman

    Finally-Tama Caramel Aurora

    After a 3 month plus wait they arrived today. Now if I could only run down the matching snare and a Shamrock Oyster snare I could find something else I don’t need to obsess over.
  3. cashmanbashman

    New release Tama Starclassic’s

    Man is it hard to get my hands on these new Tama Starclassic kits. I ordered the back ordered Performer the first month of the year and on Friday was notified that the store could no longer hold my order due to Federal laws. Saturday morning I purchased a different one and this morning got an...
  4. cashmanbashman

    Mugan Music Group

    Is anyone familiar with Mugan Music Group? Are they a brick and mortar store or online only? Are they shut down from the Rona? Thanks for any help
  5. cashmanbashman

    A couple of Tama snares

    I bought two new Starclassic sets and want to buy the matching snares. This post is aimed more toward the members who own there own store since the sets are both new items but if someone happens to have a used one I would buy it to. Thanks 1. Tama Starclassic Shamrock Oyster 2. Tama...
  6. cashmanbashman

    Oh boy, I got another Tama

    I put a order in for the new version of the Starclassic Performer in Caramel Aurora last month. It is still on back order. I was going to get the Starclassic in Shamrock Oyster before I came across the Caramel Aurora which IMO was more attractive and priced lower. My wife decided to buy a...
  7. cashmanbashman

    22” Tama Starclassic cream bass drum head

    I sold or traded away a couple Tama kits I had and threw in the Cream Starclassic bass heads I bought after market. I’m having trouble finding another one that isn’t $70-$90 after shipping costs. If someone has one there not using I would love to buy it.
  8. cashmanbashman

    Tama Starclassic Performer, Caramel Aurora

    I put a order in for the 5 piece, two up and two down last night. There pre order so it will be a minute before I have them. I will post pictures ASAP for curious individuals. I was all in on the Shamrock Oyster and came across these which changed my mind...
  9. cashmanbashman

    Paiste’s-Lowered price’s—-SOLD

    All prices include shipping within the states. I can get weights upon request and if wanted can make a bad IPhone video. All cymbals are in great shape minus fingerprints and normal wear. 1. 16” Masters dark crash in great condition $175—SOLD 2. 18” Signature Precision thin crash in great...
  10. cashmanbashman

    14” Paiste 2002 hi hats for 14” K’s or Paiste Rude’s

    I have these new hats with no issues I would like some 14” K hats or K Master sound hats. I included some lesser sought items that I also would use. I can add cash if needed? 1. 18” K EFX 2. 22” K dark medium ride 3. 16”, 18” or 19” Paiste Dark Energy crash 4. K cluster crash 5. 17” Sabian...
  11. cashmanbashman


    I have some 14” hi hats to offer for a 17” or larger Paiste china. I only want to part with one pair but would trade for a Signature Traditional China or a 17” Signature Traditional crash. 1. Paiste Twenty light hats, these are in great condition with fingerprints being all that is wrong with...
  12. cashmanbashman

    Your china cymbals

    14” Zildjian Oriental 12” HH 14” Paiste Twenty 16” Paiste Twenty 17” Zildjian K 17” Sabian AA holy 17” Sabian SR2 thin 18” Zildjian project 391 18” Zildjian Oriental 18” K special dry 18” Sabian AAX 18” Sabian SR2 thin 18” Meinl Byzance extra dry 18” Paiste Rude nova 19” K custom hybrid 20”...
  13. cashmanbashman

    My china for a A Ultra Hammered china

    I’m looking for a Zildjian A ultra hammered china. I prefer the 19” but the 21” works to. What I have, all are in good shape 17” Sabian AA holy china 18” Sabian AAX China 20” Meinl MB20 rock China 18” Zildjian Oriental china 18” Paiste Rude Nova China 20” Paiste Rude power ride 17” and 19”...
  14. cashmanbashman

    20” HHX Complex medium ride $200 shipped-SOLD

    There is nothing wrong with this cymbal what so ever. I bought something I shouldn’t have so I need to recoup some money. No trades on this just $200 shipped in the states.
  15. cashmanbashman

    Sabian’s for A Custom’s- sale prices added

    I am looking for newer A custom and A custom Rezo crashes 17, 18, or 19”. I have added sale prices and they include shipping in the states. What I have 14” AAX Cellerator hats-$175 16” AAX Saturation crash-$100 16” AAX Plosion fast crash-$100 17”, 19” SR2 thin crashes 17” SR2 thin china 19”...
  16. cashmanbashman


    Looking for a 16” Signature traditional crash and a Signature China. Beside the Dark Energy I have a 18” Signature Precision thin crash to offer. Both cymbals are in great shape minus the fingerprints. I will load better pics but for now the DE is the one directly above the Rude ride.
  17. cashmanbashman

    18” Zildjian sound lab Project 391 China-lowered $80 shipped

    18” Zildjian sound lab project 391 china. These were a limited run of B15 cymbals. Fingerprints are the only issue and I’m asking $90 shipped in the states or $75 local pickup. PayPal goods and services for payment please.
  18. cashmanbashman

    Sabian Artisan medium ride-SOLD

    I have two of these after a trade I did so I’m selling one. There is nothing wrong accept for fingerprints. My scale is off and I have not got around to getting another so no weight available currently. I’m asking $190 shipped in the states or $170 local pickup. PayPal goods for payment please.
  19. cashmanbashman

    Paiste, Sabian, Zildjian for K dark thin crashes-SOLD, please remove

    I’m looking for K dark thin crashes 15, 16, and 19. I would like it to be the current model. Also looking for 16” K EFX and K klusters. I have OCD so good labels are a must. I will also sell some of these and the price includes shipping in the states. Thanks What I have to trade 13” Paiste...
  20. cashmanbashman

    Yamaha Power V snare

    I have a bead on one for $80. It’s 14x6.5 and in excellent condition. There’s not much information on them but I’m guessing they are better then $80 snares. It’s chrome over steel I believe? I would be buying it to play not to re sell for a profit. Good deal or just about right? Thanks