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  1. CSR

    Any Update on Chicago Show?

    Nothing new on the Rebeats page. Is Illinois open? Any changes on your plans to attend? I’m fully vaccinated and a month out. Still trying to decide if I’ll go or not. I’ll have to make a decision soon.
  2. CSR

    Thin felts for vintage cymbal stands - Solution

    Where can I find thin felts for vintage cymbal stands like Ludwig, Slingerland, and Rogers? I want to try the old washer/felt/cymbal/felt/washer/wing nut set up. The felts that I’m finding are too thick. Thanks for any leads. My usual Jim Petty doesn’t seem to carry thin ones.
  3. CSR

    Russian Cover Band - Leonid & Friends

    Very tight band doing amazing covers, especially Chicago tunes, note for note. The actual Chicago band are fans.
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    Rogers SOLD -SOLD - Satellite (Skinny) Snare For Sale - Reduced

    For sale is my 70's Rogers Satellite (skinny) piccolo snare. 2.5 x 13" with original Rogers batter head. Excellent condition, no stripped lugs, which is common. Throw-off works perfectly. Very articulate. This is a rare drum, not often found in this condition. I think I've used it twice...
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    Charlie Brown Christmas Jazz

    Very tasteful brush/stick jazz drumming. Merry Christmas, all.
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    Smithsonian's Catalog of Buddy Rich's Last Set (Radio King)

    This is a detailed piece-by-piece catalog of the final Buddy Rich Radio King set put together for him by Joe McSweeney. Very detailed and interesting...
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    Buddy’s Drumming Isolated

  8. CSR

    Tuning Intervals Chart

    It took me a while to find this, but I knew I had it in my files. This is from a green pamphlet from a marching clinic held by Ludwig years ago. It might prove useful in working with a Tune-bot, Drumdial, or chromatic tuner.
  9. CSR

    Some Great Rudimental Solo Drumming

    Rick Dior seems to be a master of all things percussive. Here he plays five traditional rudimental solos on a 16x16 field drum. Check out his YouTube videos on drum set, mallets, percussion in general.
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    Donation Refund

    My $25 donation through a PayPal was refunded?
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    What ride for big band?

    Need a go-to ride for big band. Clear definition for horns and reeds to hear, enough wash to give the band a cushion to sit upon, pleasant sound for audience. Crashability not really a factor. I have all of these, but keep going back and forth. Help me! Comments & rational welcomed. Thank you!
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    Ergonomics Discovery

    This is probably obvious and something that every drummer knows about, but to me it was a surprising insight that improved my drumming. If you picture the snare drum sitting in front of you as a clock, I normally sat at the 6:00 position. This put my bass drum foot at an angle across the pedal...
  13. CSR

    Idea on Fading Marine Pearl

    If I have a wmp that is darkened to a more yellowed marine pearl and I’m trying to match a lighter wmp to it.... Since most people agree that sunlight and smoke darken wmp, I suggested to my wife that I sit with the drum in a smoky bar drinking every night until it darkens. She didn’t like...
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    Balanced Memories of Buddy / Louie by Valet Alan Dale,

    Interesting road stories by valet/friend to Buddy and Louie, Alan Dale. Very balanced, showing several sides of Buddy.
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    MD Feb 2017 Article

    I'd love a copy of the Modern Drummer February 2017 article on Paiste Signature cymbals. Can anyone scan and send me a copy of the article? I've tried to get it online without success. Thanks in advance if you can help...
  16. CSR

    A History Lesson

    One of the two big bands I regularly play in is programming a gig of music written in the late ‘teens to late 40’s from our extensive book. In a number copywritten in 1929,1933,and 1944, I found this notation: This harkens back to the earliest use of brushes derived from fly-swatters.
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    Un-aired Buddy Rich tv show on PBS

    "The Best of the Buddy Rich Show" on June 10 A collection of the best of big band performances with the legendary drummer recorded in 1982, but never broadcast or edited. Three programs were filmed at New York City’s venerable Statler Hilton Hotel, each featuring Buddy Rich and his band with...
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    A couple of timpani pieces in response to the general thread on timpani.

    Playing “Superman” with a concert band made up of alumni of my high school for the band’s 90th anniversary. John Williams has always been one of my favorite composers...his brother Don is a timpanist, which may account for his challenging timpani Parts. Solo cadenza with small concert band...
  19. CSR

    My Heavy Metal Drum Set

    ...and crash cymbals