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  1. vintagedrumjunky

    Did Zildjian ever offer New Beat hi hats in a 16" size?

    Hello. I was just curious, did Zildjian ever offer the New Beat hi hat line in a 16" version? Has anyone ever owned a pair of 16" New Beats? Thank you for your time, Vince.
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    Off Topic: What happened to the MMJ thread?

    Was this thread removed for some reason?
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    Gretsch experts

    Hello everyone! I have an opportunity to purchase a Gretsch set in Tony Williams Yellow. My question is, has anyone ever noticed a Rosewood colored primer underneath their Tony Williams Yellow drums? A couple of the drums have chips and dings in the yellow laquer, revealing, what appears to...
  4. vintagedrumjunky

    Hayman drumset value

    Can anyone estimate what a Hayman set might be worth? 24,13,16 and matching snare. Thanks!
  5. vintagedrumjunky

    Safely cleaning spray paint off a finish

    Hello all. I picked up a red sparkle Ludwig set that has white overspray on the floor tom. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to clean it off without damaging the finish? Thank you for any help.
  6. vintagedrumjunky

    RIP Ronnie Montrose

    I just heard the news... I had the priveledge of seeing Montrose with Peter Frampton and Santana at Sun Devil Stadium in 1976, with my dad, they rocked their asses off.
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    I am just trolling for info. concerning price differences between an Oyster Black Pearl Jazzfestival and an Oyster Black Pearl Super Classic, taking into consideration there are no extra holes, condition is excellent, no issues, same time period 1965-67. Thank you in advance.
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    Wow! This is just baffling.
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    I am seeing double

    Is this the same Citrus Mod kit that sold a few weeks ago?
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    I have been bitten by the vintage Schwinn bug. I picked up an all original blue 1960 Mark IV Jaguar at an auction on Monday. This bike is so cool, all it needed was a good cleaning and a lube job.
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    Was there a thread concerning this drum, weighing the pro's and con's? I am just curious, trying to work a deal with the seller.
  12. vintagedrumjunky

    When should you quit a band?

    When should you quit a band? I pose this question to anyone who has hung in there for as long as you could, maybe longer than you should have. I have been with a blues band for 8 years now, for the most part, it has been fun, but for the last couple of years, I have felt, at times, this strong...
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    Richie Hayward RIP

    I just heard the very sad news. What an influence on my playing, and as a musician. I met Richie about 20 years ago, what a class act and a very nice gentleman. It is time to give Waiting For Columbus a spin. RIP my drumming brother and thank you for all the great music!
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    Hello. I just have a question regarding Gretsch laquer finishes from the early to mid 70's. Does anyone know what colors were available at this time? Thank you for your time, Vincent.
  15. vintagedrumjunky

    Gretsch question

    Does anyone know if Gretsch offered a 20 x 12 bass drum during the 60's and 70's?
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    I ran across this auction on Ebay, I didn't know that Richie was ill. I wish him all the best, he has always been a major inspiration to my playing and development. God bless you Richie...
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    I saw Chickenfoot last night

    I saw the Chickenfoot show last night, at Dodge Theater, here in Phoenix. They tore it up. They did the entire CD, plus a little Montrose thrown in for good measure. Interestingly enough, as I am watching this show, I noticed, that Joe Satrianis' presence, single handedly, lifted the other...
  18. vintagedrumjunky

    Info. on Canadian Zildjian K needed

    Hello everyone. I aquired a 20" hand hammered Zildjian K made in Canada today. This cymbal is very nice, weighing in at roughly 2100 grams. It has a big K stamped on the underside. Can anyone drop me a little info. on this cymbal, ie.. when they were made, value etc.? Thank you for your...
  19. vintagedrumjunky

    Rogers cocktail drum footpedal

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have a photo of an entire Rogers reversable cocktail drum pedal assembly that can be emailed? If so, please send to: [email protected] Thank you for your time, Vince.
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    I just ran across this BOA classic. It is apparent, early on, that Tommy is a monster. Hey, did Jim Dandy father David Lee Roth? Enjoy! ... re=related