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  1. Living Dead Drummer

    What Is A Professional Musician

    Read my article from 2014 in Music Connection Magazine Be A Professional In 6 Easy Steps
  2. Living Dead Drummer

    New Music and Videos!

    Yeah, production value on that was great. It's a shame I'm not actually performing on the song, just in the video, lol. However I will be on the road and playing live with them later this year.
  3. Living Dead Drummer

    Getting the band back together

    In early 1998 I formed my first "real" band. I say real because we actually played the club scene regularly. Recorded in a pro studio, and released an EP that got some play on FM rock stations. We broke up in 2002 and everyone went our separate ways (literally, our bassist is in China). Myself...
  4. Living Dead Drummer

    Hired gun question

    I think I answered this on Drummerworld, but yes. I try to choose my Snare and Cymbals based on what I hear in the artists music. If they ask for something different or specific I always try to accommodate. I must get pretty close to mark though, as it's rare anyone has asked me for anything...
  5. Living Dead Drummer

    Got my BB back from John Aldridge...

    That's amazing!
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    New Music and Videos!

    Yesterday saw the release of two music videos I'm in. The first I recorded drums for, and there's some footage of me from the actual session placed in it. The 2nd video I'm only performing in the video, as it's all midi drums. Still a fun shoot!
  7. Living Dead Drummer

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    I'm a big Lars fan. Always have been. He's a great showman, great businessman, creative drummer. A lot of people jumped ship on him in the early 2000's because of the whole napster thing, but guess what, he was right. I'll always be in his corner and be a fan.
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    Music Video, directed by ME!

    Amazing! Thank you!
  9. Living Dead Drummer

    Remote Recording Session

    I've been recording regularly with a group that's been collaborating from different states. The Guitarist and Bassist I've never even met outside of Zoom, lol. So far the band has 4 original songs released on all major networks, plus one cover. I put together some short clips from my recording...
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    Pearl makes one of the best Piccolo snares I’ve ever heard. one of my students had a maple free-floating piccolo with die cast hoops. That thing was a monster! They pop up on Reverb and EBay from time to time, and I’ve had my eyes out for a good deal, but they go real quick! I’d love to add...
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    Best in action pics!

    I hope it's a brick of sticks, I'm starting to run low, lol.
  12. Living Dead Drummer

    Best in action pics!

  13. Living Dead Drummer

    New Snare! 3mm Bell Brass!

    Lea Hung did cut the edges and snare bed for me before shipping the shell. I had Q-Drum do the hardware drilling as it was easier to measure everything out with hardware hand, than send measurements to Taiwan and have them attempt it. If I was a little off on something they would have been off...
  14. Living Dead Drummer

    New Snare! 3mm Bell Brass!

    I just asked around on some FB groups for drum builders. I wanted to find the least expensive way to get my bands on one of these, and I figured going to the source would do it. A few names popped up, and I started emailing different companies that make cast shells. Most were either too...
  15. Living Dead Drummer

    Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Shells

    Stage Customs are top notch! I have taken them on national tours more than once because they not only sound great, but can stand up to the punishment of the road. My new "Blood Spatter" kit is actually made from Stage Custom shells. I wanted something that wasn't super expensive just incase...
  16. Living Dead Drummer

    New Snare! 3mm Bell Brass!

    Finally got my hands on a Bell Brass... well sorta... Rather than buy one outright, I had one made. The 3mm Bronze shell was made by Lea Hung in Taiwan. Hardware provided by Yamaha, and Q-Drum did the drill job. Size is 14" x 6.5" Heads by Aquarian (Response 2 on batter) with 30 Strand Fat Cat...
  17. Living Dead Drummer

    Famous Drummer's View

    LOT's of guys with two kicks just use a double pedal, myself included. Hi Hat placement is easier, micing and tuning is easier. Two kicks look super cool, but this is just easier. Just off the top of my head I've seen Tommy Lee, Ginger Fish, Samantha Maloney, and Joey Jordison all do the...
  18. Living Dead Drummer

    Another music video released!

    Hey, another video released today! My only contribution to this one is the drumming on the song, and some of the tattoo footage. But I am particularly proud of the drumming on this song, it was fun and creative in places.
  19. Living Dead Drummer

    GOAT Hunt: The Greatest Drummers of the '80s and '90s

    80’s and 90’s? Lars Ulrich
  20. Living Dead Drummer

    Oh, how BORING! A thread on Drum Thrones??? Now with POLL

    I don’t really have any love for hydraulic thrones. I’ve used too many in backline situation where they begin to sink while playing, or are just flat out broken and don’t adjust at all. What I DO love, and highly recommend is the Ahead Spinal-G throne. I own two of these. Most comfortable place...