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    SOLD: Roland TD-50 Module, Mint

    For those of you already playing edrums who want the ultimate upgrade I have a mint condition Roland TD-50 module for sale. I bought this along with a Pearl Mimic Pro to A/B them, and have decided to keep the Mimic Pro (works better for the type of music I play). Not a mark on this unit... has...
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    Gigs? Not.

    Anybody wanna see a list of all the gigs we've had cancelled? Yeah... didn't think so...
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    Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

    Down which I go every now and then... so, this thread started out to be about a very obscure British band from the '60's, and as I read about them I found some interesting linkage. In reverse order, here goes.... Ringo played with many British bands in the '50's and '60's, eventually becoming...
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    Sonor Martini SE 3pc Shellpack

    This has been my main gigging kit for about 6 months now, surprisingly good sounding drums. In near perfect condition --- I can't find any dings or marks anywhere, but it has been gigged so it's not one of those "never left my studio" kits. Looks just like the picture below (stock photo) ---...
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    Gig Schizophrenia

    I am so sad. Nobody is calling me for gigs. The last time I played a gig it was outdoors at a bike-in coffee shop and the only person in the audience was a dog. No, not an ugly person, and actual, literal dog. And he slept through most of the tunes. Why isn't anyone calling? I hate gigging...
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    SOLD: 20" K Con Hi-Bell Thin Low

    Absolutely beautiful cymbal at 1822g. Purchased last year from forum member trashman... his description (spot on): "1822 grams, excellent condition. Dark, dryish, complex without being trashy, big full crash, clear bell sound, woody stick. Absolutely no goofy tones." $325 shipped, lower 48...
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    SOLD: Yamaha EAD-10 w/DT50S Trigger

    For sale is a Yamaha EAD-10, plus a DT50S Snare/Tom dual zone trigger. Both in like new condition, not a mark on them. Includes all cables for both trigger modules, mounting post & screws, power adapter, and velcro straps. The EAD10 goes new for $499, the DT50S for $90... Package deal: Both...
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    Yamaha Club Custom 18" BD in Black Wood (hahahahahahaaaa)

    That and the ability to make myself invisible.... both are as likely. But, just on the off chance that somebody is sitting around going "What am I gonna do with this Yamaha Club Custom 18" bass drum in black wood???"... I'll take it off your hands. Or, if you're visiting some place and you find...
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    SOLD: 22" K Dark Medium Ride

    Very nice 22" K Dark Medium Ride... 2990g's, heavy enough to cut but still have a nice wash and edge wobble. Great condition, no nicks, dents, cracks or keyhole, just starting to pick up some patina. $250 shipped, lower 48. Thanks, but no trades.
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    1966 Acrolite, Mint

    This beauty came to me from trashman by way of condition Acro, clear August 1966 stamp, 10 strand Steve Gadd wires; baseball muffler; original P83, near new heads, both sides. This is as close to collector's condition as you can get without it being brand new out of the box...
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    Paiste Sound Formula Hats

    I've got a very nice --- but extra --- set of 14" Paiste Sound Formula Medium Heavy hats. 915/1380g's, consecutive serial numbers, in very nice condition. Top hat is just starting to develop a little grime, bottom hat is still pretty bright looking. Sound is tight and focused, cuts nicely...
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    Good, Cheap Studio Kit

    I'm looking for a good cheap studio kit so I don't have to keep packing and unpacking my gig kit. Here's what I'm after: 18, 20 or 22" bass drum. 1 up, 1 down toms, up 12", down 14" or 16". Legs only for the down, no hangers. 2 up, 1 down would work, but not if it pushes the price too high. No...
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    Protection Racket 14x20-SOLD

    Barely used, just driven to church on Sundays by little old lady in worship band. This is the bag with the Keith Cronin logo stitched on top. I ended up with 2 of these because I thought I'd ordered... well, never mind, doesn't matter. It's extra. These go for $100 new. This one is "like, new...
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    Yamaha Club Custom Snare

    Looking for one of these in either the black wood finish (preferred) or black swirl... thanks.
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    Yamaha Club Customs

    After the big summer sell off here of Club Customs, when I had not dime one to spend, I have won the lottery and now have millions! Okay... no lottery win and no millions, but enough spare change in the couch cushions to maybe pull this off. If there's anything out there... I know these are...
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    OWR & NICO: Check your pm's

    check your pm's guys... I need your address
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    TD4 Module in For Sale section

    ...or anyone who's looking.
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    Contest! Help Me Select New Drum Heads!!

    I've been struggling with this, whether to ask for help here or just mindlessly wander through the wilderness hoping for inspiration on my own. Actually, that's all baloney, I just need some new heads before my next gig on Saturday and I'm too lazy to research them myself and too cheap to buy a...
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    The End Of All Bass Drum Debates

    Suitcase Bass Drum