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  1. NobleCooleyNut

    SOLD ******

    Sold !!.
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    22” Paiste Traditional Light ride SOLD

    Sold !!
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    Noble and Cooley Horizon ***SOLD *****

    Sold !!!
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    Summit Drums Curly Maple Travel kit

    Hey Folks Gary Posey of Summit Drums has been sending me some progress pics of the Steambent Curly Maple Travel kit that I have commissioned him to make for me . I thought I would share some of the pics . First set of pics is just after the shells were bent and reinforcing rings added . No...
  5. NobleCooleyNut

    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    So as the title says . What is your favourite kit that you currently own now . Not in the past but currently . Mine is the pictured Noble and Cooley CD Maple in my favourite Honey Maple gloss lacquer . I love these drums ! My favourite configuration 20 x 14 ; 12 x 8 and 14 x 14
  6. NobleCooleyNut

    GMS Drums - still around ?

    I see very little about GMS drums these days compared to the past . Are they still in business ? I was always a fan of GMS (along with N&C) . They made some of the nicest lacquer finishes I have ever seen and their drums sound fantastic .
  7. NobleCooleyNut

    Paiste Cymbals wanted

    I am looking for any of the following cymbals , let me know if you have one you are willing to part with : 17” or 18” Paiste Traditional thin crash 20”Paiste Signature Mellow ride 20” Paiste Traditional Medium Heavy ride 20” Paiste Traditional Medium Light Swish
  8. NobleCooleyNut

    WTD Ludwig 110th Anniversary Classic Maple snare

    Does anyone have a Ludwig Classic Maple 110th Anniversary snare ? The one with the emerald Pearl wrap and brass hardware . See pic below . I am looking to buy or trade for one .
  9. NobleCooleyNut

    Noble and Cooley Sassafras

    Noble and Cooley just introduced a very limited series of steambent Sassafras snare drums . 3 of each size . My local shop Drummer’s Hangout (Murat’s shop) got in a 5” model . 5” being my preferred snare drum size and it being a limited N&C snare got my GAS flowing and I bought it today . It...
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    Sonor Protean snare for sale 5.25” x 14

    Now for sale at Drummer’s Hangout - Forum member Murat’s shop . $800 Canadian - includes shipping .
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    Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl

    I know we have a ton of Ludwig fans on this forum . I have a question for forum members . If Ringo had used another finish other than OBP would you still desire a kit in that finish ? do you think it would even still be in the Ludwig catalogue of finishes ?
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    Lightest cymbal stand you can hang Toms from

    Anyone know what the lightest weight cymbal stand I could hang a short stack Tom from ?
  13. NobleCooleyNut

    Ludwig Super Classic 4 ply shell kits

    Did Ludwig not sell many Super Classic 4 ply maple /poplar shell kits ? I see very few come up for sale .
  14. NobleCooleyNut

    I guess I am old but I find this puzzling

    I have been finding more and more threads from people coming on the various forums to complain about some issue with service or equipment from a dealer or manufacturer . Now this baffles me to be honest . If I have an issue , I deal with it myself . I don’t need validation for forum members that...
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    N&C Horizon kit FS at Drummer’s Hangout

    Now for sale at Drummer’s Hangout Forum member Murat’s shop 24 x 14 13 x 9 16 x 14 with legs . Maple shells with inner ply of African mahogany. dead mint FYI - the price in US dollars is $2370 plus half shipping equals $120 USD
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    Pearl what is up with them lately ?

    Has Pearl lost their way ? In the 80’s and 90’s Pearl was all over the place . The Masterworks were out and getting lots of press . The Masters line was the new thing - thin maple shells and birch shells . Lately I just don’t see lot from Pearl , it seems since the fiasco with the e-Pro alive...
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    Regal Tip Bob Gatzen/ Billy Martin Repro sticks

    Hey Forum members If any of you are fans of the Regal Tip Bob Gatzen/Billy Martin hickory model Regal Tip Sticks - Jeff Rich is in the process of making these as I type this . Contact him through his Facebook page to order . He will do a heavily lacquered version if you request it . He has a...
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    Tama Peter Erskine Signature Jazz snsre

    I am definitely intrigued by this
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    Best build quality vintage kits

    Ok Vintage fans - what vintage drum manufacturer in your opinion has the best build quality and why ? Bound quality would include , shells , lugs , hoops and finishes . Let’s not include Tom mounts in this instance . So what is your choice ?
  20. NobleCooleyNut

    How man rivets do you like in a cymbal ?

    How many rivets do you prefer having in a cymbal ? For a long time I was a fan of the three rivets cluster . Now One or two rivets at most for me . I prefer the sound of the rivets to be more subtle so it doesn’t overpower the stick definition too much .