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  1. blikum

    Got my BB back from John Aldridge...

    And I'm beyond ecstatic about it! The man does incredible work, he is an artisan, a craftsman of the highest caliber. He even etched my initials in a shield! Here's some pics and a video that I made, it's very difficult to take a pic or video without a reflection in it, so I made a makeshift...
  2. blikum

    Pork Pie Throne

    I'm looking for a round Pork Pie throne in red / black color combo. Can be just the throne top or top and base. Let me know what cha got. Thanks!
  3. blikum

    Looking for a 16" tom

    I'm looking for a 16" tom. Depth does not matter as I'll be cutting it and using it for display. Some type of sparkle would be nice. And preferably something cheap. Thanks!
  4. blikum

    Food Can Kit Part Deux...

    Most of you remember the cool food can kit that DFO member gutenburg custom made last year. I thought it was cool as well and well I guess I commissioned him to make another one for me! Thankfully he obliged! I just picked it up last weekend and have been trying to dial it in, in hopes that I...
  5. blikum

    SOLD! Ludwig 5.5 Jazz Festival Re-Issue Black Oyster Pearl

    This is literally as mint as mint can be, I purchased this Ludwig Jazz Festival Re-Issue when the came out in late 2019. I checked it out a bit, tapped it, tuned it a little, lightly tapped a little more with a 5B wood tip stick and that's it. I put it in a case and it's been there since now...
  6. blikum

    SOLD! Presonus Firestudio Project audio interface

    I had to get a new computer and it doesn't have Firewire so I had to get a new audio interface. It's a shame, because this one works great! If you have a computer with firewire, you're in business. I used this for tracking drums into Logic Pro. You get 8 inputs which is plenty for drums and...
  7. blikum

    SOLD! DW 5000 Chain Drive single pedal - Price lowered!

    DW 5000 Chain Drive single pedal in very good used condition. Comes with DW key. This is a very nice pedal. $160.00 Shipped in the Cont. US. Payment via Paypal. Would consider trade for similar quality DW 6000 single chain drive pedal. Thanks!
  8. blikum

    SOLD! Grombals

    These are Grombals. What's a Grombal? I tried em, just not my thing. Maybe their your thing? They sell the 3 pack now for 16.99 You can have all 11 of these for $24.00 shipped in the Cont. US. Payment via Paypal please. Thank you.
  9. blikum

    SOLD! 70's Ludwig curved spurs

    I've got some 70's Ludwig curved spurs, one of the wingnuts is stripped, it won't tighten down all the way. It may not be the wingnut, could be the receiving threads. Decent condition for their age. $35.00 shipped in Cont. US. Payment via Paypal. Thanks!
  10. blikum

    SOLD! DW 9000 Single Pedal

    DW 9000 Single pedal in used but not abused condition. Some wear where the pedal connects to the bass drum, does not affect function at all. This is a great pedal, I just prefer the 6000 series. $250 shipped in the Cont. US. Payment via Paypal. Comes with original box.
  11. blikum

    SOLD! Barefoot Kick buddy

    Alright, here's something you don't see every day. I received these as a gift because I play barefoot 99% of the time. But I like to feel the pedals under my feet and I have callouses built up from playing like this for decades. Anyway, these are definitely an interesting item. You strap them to...
  12. blikum

    Gum drop kit

    My daughter and I were building a gingerbread house after Thanksgiving dinner. I got a little creative with the gum drops. I mean drum drops. :) Gotta trim off that excess hi hat pull rod.
  13. blikum

    Happy Halloween DFO

    Finally got to take the purple sparkle Classic Maple kit out on a gig. Figured it was a good time to use the old "Earwig" reso head.
  14. blikum

    Mmmmm.... Purple, Ludwig that is.

    I made reference to this in the thread about Ludwig ordering time. This kit took 6 months from ordering to receiving. I ordered this back in the first part of March before the world shut down. I had over 50 gigs on the books this year so I thought time for a new kit. I've ordered kits from...
  15. blikum

    Dave Grohl accepts challenge

    Ok, I'm not the hugest Dave Grohl drumming fan, but he certainly seems like a good dude. I couldn't imagine say Don Henley doing something like this. At least not for free. Good on ya Dave Grohl...
  16. blikum

    New Ludwig Spirit Of '76 drums

    Pretty cool. These are lacquered not wrapped legacy maple shells. Very limited, not sure of the quantity. I have an original '76 kit, but these have me drooling...
  17. blikum

    New Artemus Pyle Skynrd Doc

    I watched it last night. It feels like a made for TV movie. It's called "Street Survivors The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash" It's told from Artemus' point of view, and focus's heavily on his and Ronnie's relationship. Heavily focused on the crash and the aftermath. Artemus is in...
  18. blikum

    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

  19. blikum

    Gretsch Bass Drum Decals

    Gretsch Bass Drum Decals. They're just a tick over 6 1/2" wide. I have 3 black and 3 white left. These are rub on die cut vinyl. $7.50 each shipped in US only.
  20. blikum

    Rhythm Tech DST Tambourine Purple

    I'm on the lookout for a Rhythm Tech DST Tambourine in purple. Either brass or nickel jingles, decent condition. Please let me know whatcha got. Thanks!