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    Your BEST Cymbal?

    What is your BEST cymbal? Mine? 22" Matt Nolan Ride. Just a joy to play. Here's a track I recorded outside a few months back with my group using this ride.
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    Drum pads for drum set players?

    Firstly, I apologize - I'm a total newb to this electronic drum stuff, decades behind the curve. But, I am interested in getting a pad that can add some exotic sounds to my acoustic drum set. What about someone that has no need for any "drum set" sounds. I HAVE a bass drum, snare drum, tom...
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    Brush with Fame

    My wife gets me a turntable for my birthday, so I start pulling out some old records from the ancient LP stacks, and what do I find? A recording of Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben with Sinclair Lott as a soloist. Is this a relative? Or did our friend Sinclair have an early career as a concert hornist?
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    Which is it, Zildjian or Paiste?

    Reading the "I never really liked Paiste" thread got me to thinking, can all these guys really tell the difference between Paiste and other brands that easily? Their ears must be golden! So here we have 11 cymbals, some Paiste and some Zildjian played in a random order. (I've left out all the...
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    Nine 22" Cymbals

    Nine 22" cymbals. Guess the order right on the first try and I'll send you a crappy old 1950's 16" A Zildjian. (If you live in Tasmania or Mozambique ... maybe we can split the shipping? ;) ) In no particular order ... A - Paiste Rough Ride, 3088 g B - Old J(apanese), 23xx g C - Matt Nolan...
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    Matt Nolan Cymbals

    I think Nolan makes the most beautiful cymbals (and gongs, etc.) My current crop is a 20” and 22” Half+ Turks (bottom unlathed plus unlathed rings on top). Anyone else playing his stuff? Let’s see ‘em! Very late-night little demo. Edit: I misspoke. The 22 is skim lathed on the bottom.
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    Cymbals that cover the middle ground between Crash and China?

    I'm always on the lookout for a cymbal that covers that middle ground between a crash and a china type. I have a bunch, but I don't think I've found the perfect one yet. What do you use?