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  1. Trey Gray

    Got sticks!?!?!?

    Here's a shot of some sticks at home...I have an even bigger supply at the What you got??? Cheers and blessings everyone, tg
  2. Trey Gray

    Oak Sticks

    Good morning! I was in my local shop the other day and they had a couple pair of Pro-Mark Oak 808's...these were the first drumsticks I bought, the Cobham Golden Oak version, in 1978 at my local mall mom and pop piano shop. If you look back at some 70's catalogs, Oak sticks were pretty...
  3. Trey Gray

    Phil Rudds Zildjians??? Johnny D????

    Good morning, With all the Phil Rudd talk lately I've been diving in deep. Anyone know what Zildjians he was playing before Paiste??? Johnny D perhaps???? Thanks in advance! Cheers and blessings, Trey
  4. Trey Gray

    Sakae tom pricing help..

    Good morning! I need help pricing a couple orphan Trilogy toms in Vintage White Marine(?). Checked Reverb and there was nada. I've got an 8x12 and 14x14....had to replace one the the floor tom mounts because I cracked the original and I put a Ludwig tom mount/lug to use with a DW rail...
  5. Trey Gray

    Depeche Mode 93' Cover

    Hello, Here's a tune from 1993 my friend Michael Doty just covered.. It's called "I Feel You" from the Depeche Mode album "Songs of Faith and Devotion". I played drums and did the arranging. This was the first track that I was hired to mix as well..... It was really fun. Hope you...
  6. Trey Gray

    Anyone know Bill Detamore/Pork Pie???

    Good morning fellow drummers... I've always have been intrigued about Pork Pie the sound, love the lugs and the logo...because of that I'm always looking on Reverb to see if I can score a used kit. Soooooo, yesterday I came across a kit on Reverb. Here's the link...
  7. Trey Gray

    Paiste Fomula 602 22" Modern Essential China

    Here's a great deal on a very cool cymbal! $350 plus $25 for shipping in the lower 48! Cheers and blessings, Trey
  8. Trey Gray

    *SOLD*DW 9000 Cable Hat with 2' and 8' cables.

    Purchased this used last summer and never even put it up. Comes with both 2' and 8' cables and bag. Paypal preferred. $200 plus $25 shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking, cheers and blessings, Trey
  9. Trey Gray

    What's another option for bass drum batter head protection???

    Good morning, I've never liked the the Remo/Evans/Aquarian bass drum patches that come with the heads. What were the old school guys using? Leather, or some type of skin? Thanks for your help... Cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
  10. Trey Gray

    SOLD-Paiste 13" Dark Energy Hi Hats Mark I

    Hello, here's a set of Paiste 13" Dark Energy Hats Mark I that were used a bit in my studio and a little bit live as a closed aux set...don't have any sound files or weights , sorry... $200 plus $25 shipping in the usa...paypal preferred Thanks for looking. Cheers and blessings, Trey...
  11. Trey Gray

    !!!REDUCED AGAIN!!!Sonor Prolite Nussbaum Finish

    Hey guys, This is the kit I used last year on a month long Brooks & Dunn Tour. It was purchased new right before rehearsals started. Sonor Prolite Nussbaum Finish 16x22 Bass Drum; 16x16 Floor Tom w/legs; 11x14 Mounted Tom;10x13 Mounted Tom....Double tom holder also included. Can't...
  12. Trey Gray

    My Sonor Phonic home kit...

    Here's my Copper Mist Phonics 13,14,16, home kit, same kit in black out with Reba and brooks and Dunn and an oak finish in the same sizes at my "proper" studio...hope you enjoy the pic! cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
  13. Trey Gray

    Another quarantine recording

    Hello, here's my bands latest 80'ds quarantine cover....from the great white north...some Bruce Cockburn...hope you enjoy! Cheers and blessings everyone, Trey
  14. Trey Gray

    Drumeo Article

    Good afternoon....Drumeo did a feature on me for the month of's up now, thanks so much Sam at Drumeo for all your help!!!! cheers and blessings Trey
  15. Trey Gray

    Recorded My First Solo Song

    Good morning drumming brethren....I was just quarantined for 14 days from my little guy, he's 3, and have always wanted to make a record playing and singing everything...well, here's my first attempt... I had just read an interview in Tape Op with the Black Keys drummer and how he'll make a...
  16. Trey Gray

    My Foundation Rebrand/Launch

    Good morning guys and gals, Mods if this needs to put someplace else just let me know. We've recently rebranded and relaunched my Huntington's Disease Foundation. You can follow us on FaceBook and the website should be up and running any's the first "Concert" type tee we're...
  17. Trey Gray

    Using The Same 2-ply Head On Both Sides....

    Hey guys and gals, Last year when I got my Phonics all I had for clear heads were Emps....I'm a smooth white emp top amb clear bottom guy....I couldn't believe how good it sounded, no choking, sang for days... I've purchased two more of the same kits and put my normal clear amb on the...
  18. Trey Gray

    60's Avedis with solid logo?

    Would any 60's Zildjian have a solid logo? Thanks, looking at a Pang on Reverb but it looks like an 80's cymbal. Cheers and blessings, Trey
  19. Trey Gray

    10x14 birch tom

    Hey guys and gals looking for a 10x14 birch tom....any brand, the cheaper and beat up the better...thanks in advance! Cheers and blessings, Trey
  20. Trey Gray

    For those who like a little rock with their country.....

    Enjoyed this, hope you guys do too...... Cheers and blessings, Trey