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  1. pgm554

    FedX pending delivery issues

    Anybody else having issues with FedEx delivery? I sent a cymbal into Sabian for a refurb last month and it took over 2 weeks to arrive. Now they've sent it back last Friday and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday ,but now it just says pending @the FedEx website. Seems to be stuck in...
  2. pgm554

    Sabian AAX Freq 21 inch ride

    New ,never played Sabian Freq AAX 21 inch ride cymbal. I bought a box set from Guitar Center and don't need another ride. Loud piecing unlathed bell $345 from Sabian or any other retailer. $200 plus shipping Local pickup SF Bay area if your live around here. Sound files...
  3. pgm554

    Worst drumsticks ever?

    Just came across an add in Craigslist for unused Verisonic drum sticks. How are these folks still in biz? I just remember every pair I've ever played had a loose tip that went into the aluminum shaft causing the feel of the stick to be just awful.
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    The hair center?
  5. pgm554

    Drum roll please?

    How did this guy get over 1.1 million views and 18 K subscribers?
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    Cheepe Steel Pulse Snare

    Check out this Pulse steel shell 10 lugger. Picked it plus a Ludwig snare stand for $35 bucks off of CL. I'm impressed that for so low a price new (under a $100),the build qualty was so high. I added the aluminum die cast Chinese rims as an after thought. Attack Tone Ridge 2 drum head too.
  7. pgm554

    Sabian refresh change

    They no longer restore the old logo ,just the new. So for all of you folks that hate the new logo...
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    For those of you with $16K burning a hole in your pocket. I know Todd ,but $16K? Ouch.
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    Name some of your favorite recorded unison drum passages

    Drumming that locks in with other instruments rhythmically. Captain Fingers Lee Ritenour Harvey Mason drums.
  10. pgm554

    DW Trusonic upgrade

    Bought a DW black nickel over brass a while back for cheap and decided to see what it would sound like if a added a DW Trusonic snare carriage.
  11. pgm554

    New Corder snare

    Picked up a Corder snare off Ebay last week No Fibes throw,regular snares. No extra holes in pretty much pristine shape. Original Corder logo head. Thought Jim used the SFT 690 on all the new snares,but this is a standard throw. Sounds fat ,warm and sensitive. Not bad for a 30+ year old...
  12. pgm554

    Live entertainment?

    In Santa Clara county ,in order to be able to dine indoors,places like BW3 are no longer allowed to have any TV turned on. So watching TV is now considered live entertainment? So by that logic having radio/Muzak turned on, or watching sports on your iPhone should be the same. I mean really?
  13. pgm554

    ID Pearl aluminum snare help

    Looks to be from the 80's. Older extended snare wires with S-012 throw.
  14. pgm554

    Mariachi band WTF?

    Was at a restaurant in Gilroy the other day and noticed that they had a mariachi band playing. Don't know about you ,but trumpets make sound by blowing air through brass tubing where the air comes out. Kind of defeats the purpose of folks wearing masks don't you think?
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    Name your favorite odd meter songs

    List em if you've got em.
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    Yamaha die cast hoop$$$$

    Was at the local drum shop the other day and we got to talking about die cast rims and the outrageous prices these days. The dealer cost on a 14 inch 10 hole top and bottom set was $260 bucks. I've got two snares with aluminum Yammie die cast that I paid like $200 bucks for a few years ago and...
  17. pgm554

    New Rogers brass Dynasonic?

    Saw this today
  18. pgm554

    Emeryville Guitar Center looting part 2

    Stopped in to day as it had been over a month since the riots and looting. The store is still closed and it was pretty trashed. The big steel pull down gates were ripped apart and the walls had large holes next to them. This was not just a spur of the minute thing. Pretty much planned. We're...
  19. pgm554

    Drop down snate gates

    Anybody know where I can buy these separately?
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    Sabian web site defaced