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    SOLD 1946 Grestch Broadkaster 13x9 Rack Tom in White Marine Pearl

    Here is a 1946 Gretsch Broadkaster 13x9 rack tom in a white marine pearl finish. This was an upgraded finish back in the day and after a polish came out really good. Fresh heads on it and all original parts. I also have the kick drum to match in another listing $250 + $40 Shipping
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    SOLD: 1946 Grestch Broadkaster 22x14 Kick Drum in White Marine Pearl project

    Here is a project drum I was always hoping to get around to and don’t think I ever will. 1946 Gretsch 22x14 kick drum in white marine pearl (which was an upgraded finish back then). It’s missing the front hoop, tension rods and claws, and one tension rod on the batter side. I have a regular...
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    SOLD 1941 WFL Floor Tom 16"x14" with Matching Stand

    I bought this 3 years ago with plans to restore it and now its just taking up space and i dont think im gonna give it the love it deserves. I did start to clean the stand because it was cover in cigarette tar and funk and i got most of it off but it could use a little more cleaning. Only one...
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    1940s Gretsch Tom

    Hey guys! Admitted guitar player here, trying to get my feet wet with drums and restoring them. Here is my first project. I found a "1940s Gretsch Kit) on craigslist for $300. Kick, snare, and rack tom. I already got the snare up and running and now i want to work on the tom. I would like to...
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    1940s Gretsch Tom Restoration

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    Craigslist Cymbal Lot...what am i looking at here?

    Hey guys! So i am admittedly more of a guitar player than anything but being a studio owner i am fascinated by drums and improving my collection. These cymbals were all a part of a 40s Gretsch Kit lot (ill ask about in a later post). Below are some dimensions and pictures of what i got. Just...
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    Craigslist Cymbal Lot...what am i looking at here?

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    40s Gretsch Round Badge

    I got this in a lot off a craigslist ad of "1940s gretsch drums and hardware". Having a hard time figuring out what ive actually got. If anyone could help me with any info on this snare or where to look, it would be appreciated.