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  1. BlakeN70

    Close in sound?

    I currently have a 16" Sabian AAX studio crash. If I were to get a 17" Studio crash would the sounds be any different, or too close together in sound? I know there is a difference in size and I wanted to buy an 18" studio crash but can't find any.
  2. BlakeN70

    Difference between stage and studio

    I ordered a 18" Sabian AAX stage crash from Memphis drum shop and today I received a package, abd instead it was an 18" Sabian AAX studio crash. My question is what is the difference in between the stage and studio lines? Btw the crash DOES sound great.
  3. BlakeN70

    Sabian HHX Medium Ride

    I noticed they are having a clearance on Sabian's 20" HHX Medium Ride cymbals and was wanting everyone's thoughts on them. I play traditional country and classic rock music..Thanks in advance!
  4. BlakeN70

    Dream Cymbals

    I was wondering if anyone owned and/or have played the Dream Ignition line of cymbals..What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. BlakeN70

    Sabian XS 20

    Sabian XS 20..Are these cymbals any good? I am on a very tight budget but don't wanna buy the B8 line. Thanks in advance!
  6. BlakeN70

    I am back

    I have been gone and out of drumming for almost 2 years now..I have been asked to join a band a couple of days ago, however I don't have any drums nor PA anymore.I sold everything..Well today this local store advised me that they have a 5 piece Ludwig Accent with hardware, brand new for $200.. I...
  7. BlakeN70

    Better Kick Mic

    Was wondering which is the better kick drum mic..the Audix D6 or the Shure Beta 52A..Thanks in advance!
  8. BlakeN70

    Reference or Reference Pure

    So I decided later on this year I am gonna buy a Reference or Reference Pure kit. I am undecided on the kit I need..I play classic country and classic rock..I want whichever kit has the lower fundamental tone out of the two..I believe the regular Reference's have thicker shells? Which give you...
  9. BlakeN70

    My humble new kit

    Well got my new kit and cymbals. Although not a DW kit like I had before, It sounds pretty dang good with Aquarian heads!
  10. BlakeN70

    New Gear on the way

    So, I just recently rejoined this great forum, after a couple years or more layoff from drums. It was my wife's idea that I get back into drumming, and as I rolled it around in my head, I found myself starting to get excited again about the drums..When I left the forum awhile back I was playing...
  11. BlakeN70

    Emperor on snare

    Anyone ever used a coated Emperor as a snare batter? If so, how does it sound as compared to say an Ambassador?
  12. BlakeN70

    Paiste PST7

    Are these better cymbals that your Sabian B8, and Zildjian budget cymbals?
  13. BlakeN70

    Pearl Exports of Today

    Well after about a 3 1/2 year lay off from drums, I have decided to get back into them. I am not currently playing with any band, and not sure how long it will be, if ever that I will be. I am looking for an inexpensive kit this time, like the Pearl Export, but buying pro end cymbals like Sabian...
  14. BlakeN70

    2 ply resonant heads

    Has anyone ever used 2 ply heads as their tom resonant heads?
  15. BlakeN70

    DW and Pinstripes

    I have been wondering lately about how the Pinstripes would sound on my Collectors toms. My local shop is sold out, so I can't try them out yet. Anyways, has any Collectors owners ever used Pinstipe clears on their toms? If so how did they sound? I like to tune low for what it matters.
  16. BlakeN70

    Aquarian users

    Has anyone had the chance to try out Aquarian's Deep Vintage 2 heads yet? If so, thoughts.
  17. BlakeN70

    Drum Thrones

    So I am in the market for a new drum throne, being the one I currently use is a cheap one with little padding. I am looking for a throne with a lot of padding which you can sit and play on a very long time without your buttocks, legs & back hurting. I see a lot of people use Roc N Soc. But are...
  18. BlakeN70

    Cleaning my new drums

    My DWs I traded were a wrap but my new Tama kit is lacquer. Is it ok to clean them with Pledge furniture polish?
  19. BlakeN70

    Need help quick

    As you may know I just got a new kit yesterday. Sadly my kick pedal broke last night. I don't have a lot of funds to buy a new one. My local shop has a DW 2000 for pretty cheap. I notice it only has one chain. Are these decent pedals to whoever has used one in the past?
  20. BlakeN70

    My new Tama Starclassic B/B

    Well here are my new drums. I love them.They have a deep tone without losing any projection. The finish is called Dark Mocha fade I believe.