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    Ludwig DownBeat

    thought this may arouse some interest, going great guns already ! :shock:
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    SITMS - Drum porn spotted

    never seen one of these beauties before, so imagine my surprise when i look behind me and spot this! :notworthy: not only did he have this, his wife had a stunning purple swirly Slingerland SITMS "stick it to MS" is a huge fund raising effort , which raised much needed cash for...
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    more Leicester loveliness!

    thrilled to bits with this. (collected yesterday) late 50's WMP Oly with 'deluxe' snare drum. incredible condition all round, double flanged hoops & a joy to look at. I will spend a bit of time cleaing them up and giving the chrome a polish, whilst looking for a pair or clip on spurs...
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    Interesting Slingerland (ebay UK)

    never seen anything like this before. any info/time line ?
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    This could be interesting

    looks like an 'English' drum.. could be wrong
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    Timewarp 70's Olympic

    not the most expensive drums ever built. but nice condition Oly's are getting scarce! this is a stunning example of one of the rarer 70's colours - White Silk Pearl :notworthy: . lovely 3 ply mahogany shells with beech re-rings, original everplay heads and a vintage tone to die for...
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    more Luddy cheapness

    nice score for the guy. he should be well pleased :occasion5:
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    Rogers Tension adj plate

    My Super Ten throw is annoyingly 'loose' everytime i play (it throws itself off). i was wondering if any of you could tell me if there is excessive wear in the slot, or if its normal? thanks
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    Rose Morris? Hi Hat Stand Help

    could anyone tell me if i can get a 'longer' rod for the stand? The standard one is a tad too short. ive attached a photo for assistance. The stand is quite advanced , it has memory locks, swivel bottom cymbal plate, foot operated drop clutch (genius) and is rock solid!
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    nice UK rarity im not too clued up on B&H/Ajax but this seems legit. nice drums regardless
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    Super Ten

    I'd like to sell this drum, so my question is : can i sell it on here or do i have to go the usual routes (ebay, classifieds, etc)? thanks in advance :-)
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    Nice find/inheritence