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  1. JazzDrumGuy

    Painfully sad article about Neil Peart's final days

    Consider the source, the singer of Godsmack, Sully Erna. However the article appears genuine and just adds to my ongoing heartbreak over this whole tragic situation. "According to Erna, he knew about Peart's battle with brain cancer "for a while," but was "asked, out of respect for Neil and the...
  2. JazzDrumGuy

    Sky blue pearl wrap

    I have an 8x10 tom I'd like to rewrap - if anyone has extra, please PM me......I don't care if older or modern.....thanks!
  3. JazzDrumGuy

    Drums for Quick Gig

    I play with my 11 y.o.'s acoustic guitar group. Bunch of kids from 7 - 17 y.o. and I am a volunteer instructor and the "house drummer." We play surf songs, Americana, blue grass, pop, etc. and it's all acoustic. A few people plug in acoustics but usually no bass. We have a holiday Christmas...
  4. JazzDrumGuy

    Drummer Commercial

    I hate Farmers Insurance. Let's be fair - I don't discriminate - I hate ALL insurance really! But I thought this was funny. I actually saw the ad in a popup and the guy was playing drums and then electrical guitar (one of those 1 man band types), but of course, the main...
  5. JazzDrumGuy

    Rogers 16x16 FT in Silver Sparkle (glass glitter wrap)

    Don't care about age/era. I have all the parts so ideally just a shell is needed, not the whole drum.....I have cash or a ton of items to trade.....thanks!
  6. JazzDrumGuy

    Rogers Day at Bentley's this Sunday 11/3!

    If you are in the Fresno area, or nor cal or So Cal, you should check out Bentley's Rogers Day this Sunday! Looks awesome....I can't make it, though! Dana is a good friend but I am posting this on my own just to spread the word.........
  7. JazzDrumGuy

    Bucket List - I saw Ringo!!!

    I was talking with Dana Bentley a few months ago and mentioned I need to see Ringo before I die! He told me Ringo is playing in my neck of the woods (Paso Robles - about 1.5 hours south) on Labor Day weekend - ugh! I have an annual camping trip that weekend. But, just the other day, I...
  8. JazzDrumGuy

    So I get to the gig and.......

    One of the coolest festivals my 11 y.o. kid's band plays is called West End Art Celebration in Sand City, CA. Lots of bands, stages, vendors, etc. Just a cool, chill vibe. I am the house drummer and volunteer for my son's non-profit acoustic group, called Guitars Not Guns (which my 7 y.o...
  9. JazzDrumGuy

    Peter Fonda Died....RIP Easy Rider - what a great flick!!! RIP, man.....
  10. JazzDrumGuy

    Ludwig Revette Kit???

    Hello, does anyone have one of these? It's based on the classic Jazzette kit with the correct sizes, but it's a 5 ply with oak-3x maple-oak shell. I guess they were a special kit with input from Revival Drum Shop.....interesting....thanks!
  11. JazzDrumGuy

    1968 Ludwig WMP Super Classic restore

    Another kit from my DFO buddy, El Larry. This one was in pretty good condition just a bit dirty. Original 13/16/22 with clear maple interiors. No dates inside the toms but you can read the Nov. 6 1968 (faded 6) in the bass. I took everything apart down to the springs. Chrome got a warm water...
  12. JazzDrumGuy

    Stupid vintage Ludwig Parts question

    I tore apart a 1968 Ludwig Keystone 22 inch bass drum last nite to the clean up the parts and I am in the process of reassembling it. However, I have these two parts and have no clue what they are for. The drum has 20 lugs, two leg brackets, a third bracket ad a cymbal holder, and a vintage L...
  13. JazzDrumGuy

    Beat up Ludwig standard Jazz Fest reborn as a WMP Birthday beauty!

    My DFO buddy, El Larry, hooked me up recently with a sweet 1968 Super classic kit (13/16/22) in a nice creamy WMP about a month ago. Maybe 2 months ago, he hooked me up with a beat up Ludwig Standard "jazz fest" that was on its last leg. When I picked up the WMP kit, he also gave me a vintage...
  14. JazzDrumGuy

    Jerry Garcia died 24 years ago today.....

    I'll never forget coworker said, "Dude, Jerry died." I said, "What?" He said, "Jerry died." My heart's been a tad broken ever since...... Although He's Gone.....the Music Never Stopped......RIP, Jerry, my Dark Star........
  15. JazzDrumGuy

    Just a snare drum and cymbal!

    So I took the family to Disneyland this past week - my 11 & 7 y.o. boys loved it, of course! At California Adventure, there is a car that drives thru the park with the "Five and Dime" band - think Prohibition-era type music with a flapper girl singer, upright bass, a few horns, and a drummer...
  16. JazzDrumGuy

    RIP Art Neville of the Meters

    Died yesterday at age, he was funky! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..........RIP....
  17. JazzDrumGuy

    Dave Grohl's Play???

    I just came across this video by Dave Grohl. I skipped through a few parts that seemed repetitive but sat thru most of it. The guy is tight and can play! I preferred him much more as the drummer of Nirvana than the singer/guitarist of F.F. although he has written plenty of catchy songs. But...
  18. JazzDrumGuy

    Monterey Blues Festival gig

    Some of you know I am the "house drummer" for my 11 year old's kids acoustic guitar group. I was brought in last year at the Blues Fest at literally 2 minutes before showtime and asked to play! I've managed to hold the chair since and I volunteer nearly every Saturday helping teach the kids...
  19. JazzDrumGuy

    Steven Adler (G&R) hospitalized - possible suicide attempt?
  20. JazzDrumGuy

    Help me ID Grateful Dead snare drum

    So I am jammin' some vintage Dead and came across a video for Venata, OR, on 8/27/72. I love the Dead and can't get enough, especially 60's - early 70's dead. Just saw Dead & Co. a few weeks ago back-to-back and my spirit is still energized! Anyway, the Europe '72 album (spring '72) has an...