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  1. idrum4fun

    Your drum room

    Very cool! Is that a drum "room" or a drum "store"?!! Time for a road trip to Canada! -Mark
  2. idrum4fun

    Your drum room

    Hey Laz! Your room looks great! Is that a homemade amp I see on the right? Showing are "drum rooms" is always a popular thread that comes up from time to time. Still, we all love to show off our rooms, so here's mine! I rotate the sets that I set up and this doesn't show my current kit on...
  3. idrum4fun

    !,000 Drum Brand Names and Counting

    Makes complete sense! Concerning these "no name" unbranded drums, I do know that many of these were sold from stores such as Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc. I believe there would have been some name on the bass drum head, but once you changed the head, you'd never know! Of course, we now know that...
  4. idrum4fun

    !,000 Drum Brand Names and Counting

    Excellent work, SwivoNut! There were quite a few "no name" MIJ 60's kits, that only had air vent grommets. Where would these fit in? -Mark
  5. idrum4fun

    Correct length for Gretsch RB Tom Tom Tension Rods?

    Attached are two pictures of Gretsch RB floor toms, both with the same size lug on the floor tom. The Stralight sparkle tom has the lugs farther down, requiring the longer tension rods, while the Blue sparkle kit has the same size lug farther up and requiring the shorter tension rod. Not really...
  6. idrum4fun

    1960's 22" Slingerland Resonant Head

    Thanks for the compliment on my drums! Keep looking for that correct drum head. Might take some time, but they do crop up. -Mark
  7. idrum4fun

    Do you lube your tension rods?

    I've never found it necessary to lube the tension rods. When I'm doing a complete restore/refurb, I always make sure the tension rod threads are clean and also chase the lug nuts to remove dirt and grime. That's all I've ever found to be necessary. -Mark
  8. idrum4fun

    1960's 22" Slingerland Resonant Head

    Yes, they do show up from time to time. Can be difficult to find in VG condition, though. Still, you never know, so just keep your eyes open! These are period-correct heads on my 1967 kit. The original inked logo still looks great! The batter head also has the original "built-in" muffler strap...
  9. idrum4fun

    Worst brushes ever, avoid like the plague

    If I were you, I'd document the issues with pictures and then send an email to Innovative Percussion. Here's their website... HERE I have to believe that they will take your issues seriously and contact you. Let us know what happens! I just checked the link and you can email to...
  10. idrum4fun

    Just received Rob Cook's Rogers book from Amazon

    I've got the first edition of The Rogers Book. Looks like it's time to get the Second Edition! It's been in my eBay "watch list" for months, but just never pulled the trigger! -Mark
  11. idrum4fun

    DW+ Slingerland

    Hi there MntnMan62! A great set of Slingerland "Stage Band" drums! In regards to the the 3-ply shells, they are, from inside out, maple/poplar/mahogany, with solid maple re-rings. -Mark
  12. idrum4fun

    Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4: Band Disagreement

    Hey Chris! I'd love to hear your Chicago tribute band...but I'm in SoCal! Check out this video, which is a pretty darn good version... HERE -Mark
  13. idrum4fun

    Slingerland Lug Hole Spacing

    Hard to say, but my gut tells me they will. You could always order just one and see what happens! -Mark
  14. idrum4fun

    Slingerland Lug Hole Spacing

    Yes, there were small and large beavertail lugs. I just checked out the replica beavertails at Drumfactorydirect and saw that both the bass drum and snare lugs are 2-1/4", but the small tom lug is 1-17/32". Still, that's only 1/32" wider that the Sound King lugs at 1.5"...or 1-16/32". Hope this...
  15. idrum4fun

    Slingerland Lug Hole Spacing

    The double-ended snare lug and bass drum lug are both 2.25". Is that what you're asking? -Mark
  16. idrum4fun

    Slingerland Lug Hole Spacing

    Hi DB! Slingerland Sound King lugs, introduced in 1955, are... 2.25" for both the double-ended snare lug and bass drum lug. The small single lug, usually found on toms, is 1.5". I'm not familiar with the Beavertails, but I believed they used the same hole spacing. -Mark
  17. idrum4fun

    FOUND Seeking Pearl throw to replace stripped one... FOUND

    Glad to help! I see the auction ended. Guessing that you purchased the part?!!! -Mark
  18. idrum4fun

    FOUND Seeking Pearl throw to replace stripped one... FOUND

    I see quite a few of these on eBay right now. In fact, here's only the piece that you're looking for!... HERE -Mark
  19. idrum4fun

    P84 Strainer for 1962 Ludwig Downbeat snare drum.

    There is a P84 currently for sale on the Bay... HERE Yes, it's pricey! But worth a look! -Mark
  20. idrum4fun

    70's oyster blue

    Hope you hear back soon with a positive response. Yes, he's asking top dollar, but I hope he realizes there's a relatively small amount of interested buyers and will be open to a fair negotiation. Good luck! -Mark