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  1. CaptainCrunch

    70's oyster blue

    FWIW, Pooder’s a dude, with a long history of funny business. You dodged a bullet. Making out with a hooker with a cold sore is more advisable.
  2. CaptainCrunch

    Joey Kramer

    If my boss stopped paying me she’d have a lot more money, too. Maybe he should revise his scarf & ring budget? I’m curious if he means “a house, on the island of Maui” or “8000 sq. ft. former drug lord’s mansion with helipad and submarine dock” house on Maui.
  3. CaptainCrunch

    Joey Kramer

    After what happened with Bill Ward and the relatively minor backlash, a lot of these legacy acts sat down with their accountants and decided they don’t need to wait for members to start dying off before the trademark/rights holders start getting a bigger cut. We’ll see more of this.
  4. CaptainCrunch

    Possible new Appraisal/Price-check sub forum or post-it thread?

    Haha! Me & my wife had already kicked around how to properly insure, and some stuff is just REALLY hard to throw a number at. I can look up current asking prices, recent actual sales, what’s-the-scrapout-value, etc. But what’s a 1970-ish 26” with extra holes worth? It’s more than $200, and...
  5. CaptainCrunch

    Is Jasper Company long gone? Picked up a set of Smith drums that have Jasper Maple & Gumwwod shells.

    Jasper and Keller are (or were) wood tube, furniture, and concrete form companies with a small side hustle in drum shells. The 18” piece that was right next to Max Roach’s bass drum could have ended up as the table in your dentist’s waiting room or used to pour the base to the light pole at the...
  6. CaptainCrunch

    Possible new Appraisal/Price-check sub forum or post-it thread?

    This seems like something that might be useful to the forum, and keep those threads from clogging up Vintage Venue. I know I have questions but just don’t want to add another thread that only really needs 2-5 responses and then can just fall off the earth. The trick would be trying to not have...
  7. CaptainCrunch

    Help! Market check. 1970 Ludwig 3 ply players kit

    One of my main issues with having nice kits that are worth some money is knowing I could easily turn them into other stuff. Currently I’m playing a 70’s Ludwig 14”/16”/18”/26” (with 13” I’m not using) in Black Cortex, every drum has SOME kind of big deduct, so not worth selling them. If I...
  8. CaptainCrunch

    Is Jasper Company long gone? Picked up a set of Smith drums that have Jasper Maple & Gumwwod shells.

    Jasper is indeed long gone. Current Gretsch are Keller’s made to the Jasper Gretsch formula.
  9. CaptainCrunch

    Can energy drink clean and restore old hardware parts?

    This whole video is a bamboozle meant to be reshared on TeH SoCiAl MeDiAz. I won’t argue that most energy drinks are borderline toxic waste, but A: They can’t turn eggs or pears or whatever into rubber B: A cursory google search shows this guy is a “prankster and illusionist” (aka “doesn’t have...
  10. CaptainCrunch

    cheap drum heads

    They’re the heads you took off that kit you got cheap that you put on another kit you sell for cheap that the guy who bought it will take off to put on the cheap kit he sells. They’re better than nothing, but I wouldn’t use them on any kit I liked enough to play.
  11. CaptainCrunch

    Modern edges, older drums.

    I don’t have any relevant “I A/B’d this kit and recorded it so here give it a listen” info to add, but I’d guess that most of the vintage kits that get The Full Business would have gotten it because they had pretty jacked-up edges, and of course sounded better afterwards. If you go from a...
  12. CaptainCrunch

    Painfully sad article about Neil Peart's final days

    Same as so many other celeb stories: If he’d wanted this out there, he’d have released it himself. Peart dealt with a remarkable amount of personal tragedy, and seemed to be more private for it. The singer from a second-tier early 2000’s butt-rock outfit trying to make an interview more...
  13. CaptainCrunch

    What do you see?

    That’s not the Ringo hat, but they can go for okay money. Not enough to make this deal work at anywhere near what he’s asking, though.
  14. CaptainCrunch

    Can’t get comfy with virgin bass drum?

    I almost always play one-up, and either use a rail or a snare stand and prefer my rack tom about as far left, low, and close to my snare as possible - I like to have as little a jump in height from snare work to the tom as I can. This works for me because I’m quite tall and have the matching...
  15. CaptainCrunch

    Painfully sad article about Neil Peart's final days

    An in-law had it, they gave him 12mo., he made it 15. Pretty low on my list of ways I’d like to go.
  16. CaptainCrunch

    Does anyone have experience with Facebook Pay?

    I barely trust Mark Zuckerberg to go to the bathroom by himself. Anything FB-designed is security Swiss-cheese built to extract maximum personal data, and if and when it’s compromised, a freshly-hatched Zuck clone just blinks in the harsh light and repeats the sacred mantra: “There is no way...
  17. CaptainCrunch

    WTB Ludwig 6-ply 12” & 13”

    Thanks for continuing to look - PM responded to.
  18. CaptainCrunch

    Paiste Announces New 602s

    602 HEAVYs/SC’s are the only weighty cymbal I’ve ever found that didn’t have that shrill thing that turns me off in the bad 70’s A’s. Even the 2002/2000/3000 Power Rides and such sound like they need that B8 “treble” EQ knob turned down just like, 10%, to my ears. If I had a loud gig the SC’s...
  19. CaptainCrunch

    What do you guys think about this?

    I saw the drums in the background, but I also saw “cymbols”, the backwards legs on the kick, and I don’t think he could have mounted the 10” more incorrectly unless he wore it as a hat. My guess was the writer of the ad/setter-upper of the kit wasn’t the person who owned/procured the rest of...
  20. CaptainCrunch

    9" 10" and 11" toms?

    FWIW, I have seen Remo 9” and 11” heads in stores. It’s always been said they’ll make you just about any size, but you have to wait and you pay extra. Got a set of special-order 20” Emperor tom heads in the basement right now, were $35-ish each.