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  1. vintagedrummersweden

    !,000 Drum Brand Names and Counting

    Here's some Swedish brands. Drums: Steiner (Birger Steiner) Levin Ramona ProPer Drums (Progressive Percussion) Lindborg Cymbals: Hanson Digital: ddrum 2Box (DrumIt)
  2. vintagedrummersweden

    Mitch Mitchell Drum Heads....

    Mitch Mitchell - En varulv i London Translation: Mitch Mitchell - A werewolf in London Don't ask me why... the movie with the same name was 10 years old at that time...
  3. vintagedrummersweden

    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight on Joey Kramer Missing Rehearsals

    I get your point, but I think rehearsing for these tv shows is a bit more complex than getting back together and play some of the old songs, not at least technically on location. There's some more elements in a tv production and a major artist music production, I would think...
  4. vintagedrummersweden

    What's a good all around cymbal that could be used for jazz fusion, pop rock?

    Paiste 2002 Ride. Got mine in 1979 and still use it, even though I've tried a bunch of others. Works for anything, in my mind - but then I'm used to the sound and know how to play it (bell, body and rim - ride, crash and wash)
  5. vintagedrummersweden

    1930s/40s Big band Kits (or alternatives)

    If you check Ebay you'll find tons of used Premier drums that would fit your purpose, both for size and sound. And they're very cheap!
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    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    You should visit the festival, it's one of the best! And the atmosphere is filled with love and crazy antics! Sponsored by Fernet Branca - that pretty much sums it up! :)
  7. vintagedrummersweden

    60's Trixon or Vox - whats the vibe like?

    Now that's interesting news!!
  8. vintagedrummersweden

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    "Dumb rock" sounds interesting! I played at Gutter Island 2018 in Vordingborg, and I suppose you can call us "dumb rockers" - at least loud... ;-) /L
  9. vintagedrummersweden

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    Cool kit! I've had a 22" bass drum inte the "stiple black" finish - sounded great, but take care of the plastic rim that goes round the bass drum edges or you'll spend a fortune on bass drum heads! :)
  10. vintagedrummersweden

    Rogers Tower set. Great tune!

    Keith!!! The drumming is great but the stick bouncing at 2:39 I just genius!!
  11. vintagedrummersweden

    Rogers spotting - odd setup

    That's what I meant, the Timbale Twin - but this one is more like a Ludwig Carioca or the Slingerland San Juan. Just wondering if the kit I posted is a cataloged kit... Thanx for showing the catalog prints!
  12. vintagedrummersweden

    Rogers spotting - odd setup

    Hi! Found this here in Sweden today, for sale on Swedish version of eBay. Odd configuration... like a twin timbale setup but without the twin... Is this a cataloged outfit? /L
  13. vintagedrummersweden

    Ghost pedal spotting

    Maybe this has been posted before, but I saw this yesterday... Ghost pedal to the metal
  14. vintagedrummersweden

    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    They sound amazing!
  15. vintagedrummersweden

    Help ID and ... price guide

    The Rogers in the picture is a Ramones kit!! Always wanted a Tommy Ramone kit!! /L
  16. vintagedrummersweden

    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    My main gigging kit with my band. Vintage stainless 22, 13, 16.
  17. vintagedrummersweden

    One head, multi-floor tom

    I think Max Roach played one of those... I've got one in acrylic, unfortunately without the pedal mechanism - but allt the holes in the shell are there as are the hinged top head lugs.
  18. vintagedrummersweden

    Finally scored a vintage Black Beauty!!!

    Happy for you!! /L
  19. vintagedrummersweden

    I received my dream snare drum yesterday... Just want to share it with you all...

    Great drum, John!! I actually saw one this Tuesday, at Hellstone Music in Stockholm. /L