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    Sennheiser e602 ii for $89

    Seems like a steal. I haven't used the e602, but just got 3 e604's for toms and snare and they are excellent. I'd definitely take a chance on that e602 for $89.
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    Bosphorus Turk & Antique

    True - what Joe said. BUT ... Bosphorus Turks will be quite a bit drier and quieter than the Paistes and Sabians you mention. Making all that sound like one, consistent whole may take a whole lot of "you".
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    China for quiet riding - suggestions?

    Surpringly, given the diameter and weight, a 22” Sound Creation Dark China is quite quiet and polite as a ride. Extremely ... contained. Admittedly not the most available or affordable option, but it fits the description to a tee.
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    How to Break A New Year's Resolution

    Sounds really good, TK. I can imagine this thing sounding even better in a larger room where it can settle right in the middle of the mix. What possessed to consider another Rough? You have three now, no? Great cymbals. I think you've inspired me to bring out mine for this week's recording...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    The top has bands of full lathing and "skim lathing". The bottom is largely skim lathed.
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    Paiste Hats & Rides (Masters, Reissued 602's, 2002)

    Oh that 21" Medium Ride! (I already have one, but they don't get the love they deserve.) Great for everything from small group jazz through loudish rock. Very good price for such a great and under-appreciated cymbal. Good luck with the sale.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Played the 22" Nolan a bit last night and holy cow, what a cymbal. A couple years back I got a 20" thin ride from Matt and it's great - partially lathed, dry, quiet. I wanted a 22" to go with it. So my request to Matt was a quiet, dryish ride, but with some mass (I don't like very light rides...
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    Two born together brothers (Zildjian K Istanbul)

    1488?! I’ve never seen one like that. Incredible.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just arrived ... Nolan 22” Ride Custom order to mate with the 20” thin ride i got a couple years back. Like all of Matt’s work, freaking gorgeous.
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    Old 14" Zildjian Hi Hat Cymbal Info Needed

    Sounds like a 50's "flange hi-hat". Generally pretty nice cymbals. Have any pic's?
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    Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4: Band Disagreement

    I vote no. (While there may be some tracks back there somewhere, they are so far back that playing them live would be a distraction.)
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    Adhering egg crate foam to cinder block walls?

    One way would be to apply the foam to 4x8 veneer panels (very light and cheap) then lean/hang those close to/touching the walls. Super clean and the panels can be moved should the need arise. Like if you needed some gobos for recording or whatever.
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    Next snare drum purchase?

    Maybe a deep wood drum? An 8x14 Ludwig coliseum? Can get super fat and also has that big, rich tone with snares off.
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    Unbalanced cymbal weight distribution bother you?

    Best china I ever had was an old 20” Sabian HH. Paperthin in one side, medium thin on the other. Drastic. Sounded amazing.
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    Neil Peart passed away. 67

    Like most drummers in their formative years during Rush’s heyday, Neil was a major influence and inspiration. I literally lived and breathed his playing for the better part of a decade. RIP, brother. You done good.
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    Paiste Announces New 602s

    My Blue Label Paperthin was about 2500-2600 grams. I was surprised because that’s “Medium” in my book.
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    Is a 4 piece kit just being 'lazy" ?

    If your goal is to play music, a four piece with a couple cymbals is plenty. If the goal is to look really cool, gotta back up the truck.
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    Best budget ride cymbal ideas

    Not especially. I would say more balanced than pingy.
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    Best budget ride cymbal ideas

    Beat up old 20” 2002. Great rides and a dime a dozen.
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    Best budget ride cymbal ideas

    Just curious, why new? You can get a perfectly serviceable old A for $100.