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  1. bassanddrum84

    Anyone no this member?

    Posted about looking for a dw top and got this message. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a message from a “new member on here” to me it seems like spam so figure I’ll ask.
  2. bassanddrum84

    Dw cymbal arm top

    Looking for the part that has the actual cymbal post. Got this one in a trade and someone cut the top post off. It’s the older style.
  3. bassanddrum84

    Black oyster

    Anyone have a small piece of black oyster. Enough to do a 8x4 Tom.
  4. bassanddrum84

    Rail mount

    Looking for a rail Mount nothing crazy expensive. Preferably l rod style. Have a few things I can offer as trade.
  5. bassanddrum84

    Foot pressure/pain

    So I use to play barefoot or with socks on for years. Then I switched to shoes, usually vans or chucks then to more softer adidas boost. Lately I’ve been noticing when I wear shoes the top of my foot cramps. When I take my shoes off no cramping. Anyone else go through this?
  6. bassanddrum84

    Setting up live

    So I was wondering does any of you get lazy from time to time on your setup and use bare minimal. Not because the stage is small or volume but just because you don’t feel like setting up a million cymbals, stands, drums etc. I sometimes find myself not adding effects cymbals or certain things.
  7. bassanddrum84

    No flange hoops

    So most my snare drums have die cast hoops. They’ve always been my favorite but as of late I’ve been looking at a lot of no flange hoops (the ones with small claws). So those with no flange hoops what do you love about them?
  8. bassanddrum84

    Zildjian 20” crash of doom SOLD

    No description needed this is the 20” cod pretty much brand new. Never giggled with only used at home a few times. Unfortunately I don’t know the gram weight. 230 + shipping
  9. bassanddrum84

    Fans of the crash of doom

    Has anyone seen or owned one of these? Very cool cymbal a lot is crash of doom looks to it and has that kinda sound...
  10. bassanddrum84

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    I’ve been very lucky to have played every weekend through out the pandemic. Only had three weeks off. Hope everyone else is playing or gets back to it soon.
  11. bassanddrum84

    Drummer we look up to and replicate

    So this has been in my mind for awhile now. Feel free to chime in. I see drummers on YouTube dedicating there drumming and channels to certain drummers to T I mean exact. Replicas of kits exact record and live version playing. Now to me it seems if you dedicate that much of a talent to...
  12. bassanddrum84

    Another stainless steel cymbal post

    So I know through out the years there’s been a few post of stainless steel cymbals. I’ve heard a ton on you tube and most sound like garbage can lids. Lately I found a few I really liked. These hats for one. this 21” ride These aren’t bad either. Are people starting to figure out how to...
  13. bassanddrum84

    Impact pad

    Does any one else use Velcro for a impact pad? I’ve been using these for years now. Soft side gives me a nice soft sound and the scratchy side gives a little click. I use the soft more then anything, they hold up extremely well.
  14. bassanddrum84

    Presonus 16.4.2 AI SOLD

    Have a presonus 16.4.2 Ai 650$ pick up only located out side Dixon Illinois.
  15. bassanddrum84

    Random cymbal rework

    So I just acquired a 22” “1960s” zildjian ride at 3549g so I’m told by the person I traded with. But I’m having a hard time believing it. Given the weird machine hammering pattern on the top and there’s no stamp at all. I mentioned it to the guy later on and he said not all older zildjians had...
  16. bassanddrum84

    Akgd112 SOLD

    As the title says akgd112 up for sale. 120$ shipped
  17. bassanddrum84

    Dw mag throw off

    Anyone have a dw mag throw off they would trade for something. On me if so thanks!!
  18. bassanddrum84

    Cut down kick

    Rex entry cut down a 20” kick to 20x8 re edged and redrilled lugs added a mount to mount my ride off. Should be perfect for grab and go gigs.
  19. bassanddrum84

    Drum room

    So question. My drum room is currently getting crammed. My setup I have facing the wall right as you walk in. I have one other free wall but there’s a heater vent on the floor right where the kick would sit. So my question is should I steer clear of putting it over it? I’m not worried about a...