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    Ultraphones vs Remote Audio HN-7506

    Has anybody tried both the GK Ultraphones and the Remote Audio HN-7506 isolation headphones? Both use the Sony 7506 drivers. I've had a pair of Ultraphones for many years and I was thinking about picking up another pair when I stumbled on the Remote Audios, which look a bit more robust (not that...
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    Pearl Drum Monitors, $115

    One pair left: I was tempted, but I don't trust the isolation numbers. I'm putting aside the cash for a pair of GK Ultraphones. Still, this is a great price.
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    OFF TOPIC: Would you like to put paint on my house?

    Hey! I've got a house that needs painting so my wife will stop nagging me. I'd do it myself, but it's hot outside so I literally can't. Would anyone be super cool and paint it for me? I'd be sooo grateful!! You don't even need to paint the whole house. One or two sides would be a big help...
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    Signed sticks?

    I ran across this ad on Craigslist, asking $50 for a pair of sticks signed by Paul Bostaph: I was curious whether there's actually a market for things like this, so I went to eBay and found a seller called "pbmanagement" that seems to...
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    Matthew Watson?

    Pandora just served up a track called "Ode to Billie Joe" by the Ebony Rhythm Band. According to the internets, the drummer was Matthew Watson. Anyone familiar with him? The drumming on the track caught my attention, but Google didn't turn up much on him.
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    Well, this is a useful ad

    What do you think, good deal?
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    New, really? This is at least the 4th time this snare's been on eBay. It started out as a "used" snare. I bid on two of the auctions, and was the top bidder on one, but the reserve wasn't met. Now the seller has rebranded the snare as "new" and...
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    Drum samplers for use with Yamaha DTX-500

    I'm planning to purchase a Yamaha DTX562k for practicing & recording at home, and now I'm trying to navigate the world of computer-based sampling software. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. I've looked at EZDrummer/Superior Drummer, Steven Slate Drums, BFD2, etc. Is anyone here using...
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    Beyerdynamic DT-770 vs GK Ultraphones

    I'm looking for a new set of isolation headphones, and I'd love to hear any feedback on the Beyerdynamics vs. the Ultraphones. I currently have an older pair of EX-29s, and I'm not impressed with the sound (though the new EX-29s apparently have better drivers). I've heard lots of good things...
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    Sabian Quiet Tone Differences (SD vs TT?)

    I'm looking into getting a Sabian Quiet Tone practice pad, and I noticed that the pad comes in snare (QT-14SD) and tom (QT-14TT) versions, and the tom version is usually available for less. Does anyone know what the difference is? Less rebound on the tom model, perhaps?
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    Deal on Pacific 900 Cymbal Stands

    Just ran across this at Amazon: These aren't the really cheap, skinny PDP stands. Normal street price is around $60. At the moment, Amazon is selling them for $26.05.
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    Hi-hat stand recommendations

    I need to pick up another hi-hat stand soon, so I'm looking for recommendations. I have a Yamaha HS740 (?) on my main kit and a bottom-of-the-line Pacific on my practice kit at home. The Pacific doesn't have a spring-tension adjustment, so it's not working well for me, particularly when I use a...
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    12 Lugs
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    George Way Aeros for $299

    Ronn Dunnett just posted this on Facebook:
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    Matt Chamberlain recommendations

    I'm listening to Brad Mehldau's Largo, and Matt Chamberlain is just killing it on some of these tracks. (I had the album tagged with "Keltner" in my iTunes library, but turns out Jim Keltner only plays drumset on two tracks, and on one of those he's double-drumming with Chamberlain.) Anyway...
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    Iron Cobra Power Glide Differences

    I was just at Guitar Center, and they had a barely used Iron Cobra Power Glide pedal for $55, case included. I compared it to a new one on the floor, and the new one had chrome on top of the pedal housing instead of black powdercoat, but otherwise didn't look substantially different. Anyone know...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom vs. Tama Starclassic Performer

    I currently have two kits: a compact rehearsal kit (18x8 Tempus kick, Ddrum toms) and a bop-sized set of birch Tama Starclassic Performers (18-10-20-14). Since I'm playing a lot more rock music these days, I want to get a more versatile kit, probably with a 20" bass drum. I've been looking at...
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    Bosphorus Factory Videos

    I'm in Istanbul right now, and I had the chance to tour the Bosphorus factory this morning. I was lucky in that they were casting the blanks today, something they only do about once a week. Here are some videos shot on my phone: And yes, I bought some cymbals. I was only planning to buy...
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    Warped Single-Ply Snare Shell

    I have a single-ply wood snare that my wife bought me 5 years ago. I haven't played the drum much (we had twins not long after I got the drum, and I've only recently had time to start playing regularly again), and when I went to swap out the batter head yesterday I noticed that the drum appears...