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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    Just curious about the overall view of the group here. I am relatively new to the drums and the 2 kits I have are both lacquer and as I don't play in a band I don't have to worry about the abuse they take at gigs. Please let me know your preferences and any pros/cons you see in each finish type.
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    New (Old) snare

    Picked this beauty up today. March 27th 1968 Acrolite in pristine condition with 1 exception. The original owner carved his name and drivers license number on the shell. It is not large, and you have to be pretty close to see it, so it doesn't bother me at all. My son has a 1976 Acro on his...
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    Help with Sabian Ride ID

    Hi Guys and Gals, When I bought my last kit it came with some cymbals (Zildjian and Sabian). I have kept the hats and crashes on the kit as I liked their sound, but I have taken the 22" ride off of the kit as I prefer the 20" Zildjian Medium I have. The Sabian ride only has the Sabian logo...
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    Awesome Snare Drum Ring for my Son

    So my oldest is in 10th grade, and part of the packet of information sent home this year is class ring catalog. I know my son isn't into the whole "School Pride" thing but I ask if he wants a class ring. He replies that it wouldn't really mean anything to him, he would want to wear something...
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    Stagg Genghis Ride

    So I found a great deal on a 20" Stagg Genghis Jazz ride for my son and figured, what the heck let's try it out. It arrived today and I have to say first impressions. I'm impressed. He has a 20" Zildjian A Medium ride but wanted something a little darker, more jazz feel. This is a really nice...