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    Inexpensive but quality hi-hat stands?

    I still use my Promark (Capelle). It's fantastic!
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    O.T. Songs written about people you don’t know?

    I've never met "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" or messed around with "Slim or Willie McCoy".
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    O.T. USPS - Update on their service

    I ordered something off Reverb on May 1 from a city that is 13 hours away from my house. There was a needless delay on the shipper's part, but it got off finally on May 5 via USPS and it is still not here. Tracking for the last 5 days only shows that it has left Texas and will be arriving late...
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    Ident vacation

    Probably Leedy Korean Temple Blocks with the Leedy #7165 trap rail which folds for packing.
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    Very interesting 1936-1937 Radio King snare drum

    That era of Radio King is on my bucket list. What a beautiful instrument! Too bad you couldn't get it in time.
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    What Is A Professional Musician

    "Ah, Music! What a beautiful art! But what a wretched profession! -Georges Bizet (1838- 1875)
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    Vintage Trap Case ID

    According to Corporation Wiki, The first use of this ("In place" for Drummers) for the Professional Percussion Center was August 1, 1964. It wasn't trademarked until 1979.
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    Camco Oaklawn Silver Sparkle

    Stunning! the 18" BD is the cherry on top. Congratulations!
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    Super Sensitive Struggles

    For a 14 inch Snare the wires frame should measure 16 7/8" long and the wires should measure 16" from solder to solder. If they are for a 15" drum they should be around 17 7/8" long. Try here too: Snare Drum Addict: Adjusting Ludwig Supersensitive Snare Drums (
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    Super Sensitive Struggles

    Congratulations on owning one of the most iconic drums ever. The patent dates from 1924-ish, but they were playing around with this idea since about close to 100 years. The selling point of the parallel snare system is when it is dialed in properly, it allows you to have the same...
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    OT: Your Favorite Schwarzenegger Movie

    Predator for me. Not to jack this thread, but I think it's interesting the late Bill Paxton was involved in each of the three biggest sci-fy action franchises: Terminator 1 = young Punk leader Aliens = Private Hudson Predator 2 = Officer Jerry Lambert
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    Sonny Payne is drivin' the bus!

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but some of the youtube accounts have now been deleted. IMO Sonny Payne will always be in the inner circle of big band drummers. He had the complete package: style, chops, showmanship and swing.
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    Hardware ID

    I am more familiar with American made stuff, but I'm sure someone will chime in. Kurt
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    Hardware ID

    These look like Tama to me. I compared them to this web site:
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    OT Favorite Clint Eastwood Movies

    Clint's first screen appearance: "Revenge of the Creature" (of the Black Lagoon) 1955. Released during the golden age of 3-D!
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    Live From My Drum Room With Stan & Jerry - Pro Drum Shop Hollywood!

    When ever I am in LA (to visit my brother), I always get to the Pro Drum Shop. It is sacred ground. Thank you for this video!
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    Camco value

    The drums look to be complete. I spy a Camco Snare stand under that junk snare. Perhaps a BD pedal also comes with it too. Obviously, ask about the missing drums and stands. depending on what they are asking and whether or not they know how rare it is, with some polishing and detailing it may be...
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    When a 14" or a 16" or a 18" FT just wont do...

    I just saw this. 4 legs on this monster! ($400 + shipping)
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    Fitzroy Metal Snare 1920s?

    That hook is for sliding through your belt so you can march to the pub with it!!