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    Sold- 1980 9000 Yamaha FT-916T Timpani Floor Tom MIJ $500 OBO

    complete with all hardware. Wrap has some wear, chrome has pitting but everything works. Some next level engineering here. Rare and open to all offers, send PM Drumforum exclusive before I list on reverb, will consider trades as well. In the market for a 17-19" paiste signature and snares...
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    It was brought up, and now I am curious too. Coated Batter Bass Drum Heads?

    I mentioned in a prior thread (before it was deleted I guess?) Would like some help in understanding music styles, tuning, and muffling methods used with coated bass drum heads. I generally like a punchy/staccato thud with my bass drums. I have had great luck with clear emads but what can I say...
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    Floor tom tuning/tone help

    Looking for some recommendations on something I have been struggling with for a long time. I have a real hard time finding a satisfying tone in my larger (16"+) floor toms. They generally just sound really flat. I've mastered the higher pitched drums and bass drum but the floor tom continues to...
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    TRICK Kodiak Snare

    Could use one
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    Hi all, new to forum

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone , new here to forum. I've been playing drums for 30 years and my life has slowed down to the point where I am hoping to dig further into the craft. Happy Holidays