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    90’s Gretsch Broadkaster Harvey Mason kit.

    There was a seller on eBay who had a bunch of NOS gun metal lugs and hoops. He may still have some available.
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    Inexpensive but quality hi-hat stands?

    The Tama Stagemaster single braced beats anything in that price point and weight range.
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    Has anyone have tips to converting a floor tom to a bass drum?

    I have used the Pearl conversion kit with success.
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    Look at the Hypocrisy of Drum Forum

    I use the Brave browser with a built in blocker. No ads. But, when I go to the forum on my phone using Safari, I get lingerie ads.
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    Sleeved Washers or related products, do they really work?

    Sleeved washers aren't designed to help prevent detuning. They help to make tuning smoother because they keep the tension rods from rubbing against the rim. In that regard, they do work. I use them and can notice a different when tuning.
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    TV Theme Songs

    How about some Stewart Copeland?
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    TV Theme Songs

    And as a designer and typophile, the lettering in this is amazing.
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    TV Theme Songs

    I was just about to post this. I absolutely love this song. Nelson Riddle also did My Three Sons.
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    What's a good mid ranged brass snare?

    Pork Pie black brass. Usually around $300. The DW Design brass snare is good, too. Or go on Drum Factory Direct, buy a World Max shell and parts and make your own.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Got some 14" Amedia Kommagene hi hats, 900/1100. The profile is fairly flat, which really helps darken the sound a lot. They're a good match for my 18" Old Stamp K. The surface seems to be a bit brushed or burnished before the patina is added. They certainly feel like old cymbals. I'm going to...
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    Anyone tried these for Overhead mics?

    I use the Behringer C2. $50 for a pair and they sound amazing.
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    Pasha/UFIP Cymbal

    It's not hard. Get a step bit and drill it out.
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    Cleaning tips?

    It's hard to tell in the it corrosion, or just marks in the clear coat?
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    Old Zildjan

    Definitely a trans stamp, which puts it late 40's to early 50's. If it's 22" (although it looks smaller in the photo), with that medium thin weight, I would guess $400-ish.
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    Who plays/played K custom dark rides?

    I used to have a 22" at about 2800 grams. It was a beautiful cymbal. It pretty much sounded like the most perfect vintage A Zildjian. It had that AZ clarity, but without the annoying highs. Instead is had a low, dark, mellow wash with just a bit of growl.
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    FYI: Sabian cymbal refresh now only supports "new" logo

    That's too bad. I can't imagine it would really cost them too much just to keep the screens or stamps around for the old logo.
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    I Think I Have A New Stick!

    I love those sticks. I love the feel of the reverse taper and the clicky cymbal sound. I used to use the Regal Tip Session, which was Carlock's signature stick when he played Regal Tip.
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    Finally took some good photos of my champagne Slingerlands

    That was pre-cleaning in a dark basement. I’ll get a better photo now that they have been cleaned.
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    NPR's 50 Favorite Songs of 1971

    The Doors - LA Woman, Riders on the Storm, Love Her Madly Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen
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    Cleaning sharpie off old K signature

    I would try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Since there are no liquids involved (other than water), you can be very precise with your cleaning. Otherwise, rubbing alcohol may work. Just use a swab or something similar to keep it precise.