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    Neil Peart Side project's..

    Saw Jeff Berlin with Moshulu (Dennis Chambers on drums) at the Token lounge 2 summers ago. Great player (and Chambers was on fire!).
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    Vintage Ludwig 1970's Acrolite Snare Drum

    Very nice! If I didn't have 2 already (1968 KS Badge and 1976 B/O Badge) I would be all over this. Very fair price on a great drum.
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    Yamaha 1978 Recording Custom NOW COMPLETE

    Gorgeous kit, great work bringing them back to this condition!
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    SOLD! Ludwig 1967 5x14 Acrolite snare drum (lower price)

    Sure is, I paid $275 last year for a 1968 that would have been mint except the original owner etched his name and drivers license number on the shell (smdh). Luckily it is very small and can't be seen except up close. Great sounding drum.
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    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    Pearl Masters Studio MBX (Birch) 10X10, 12X10, 13X11, 16X16, 22X16 with matching 14X6.5 snare (or 1968 Acro)
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    What is your favorite badge ?

    Ludwig Keystone Yamaha Tuning Forks Gretsch Round Badge
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    Good software for writing drum (practice) music

    Groovescribe on the Mikeslessons page. The groovescribe software is free for anyone to use, you don't have to be a member.
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    Pearl MLX 80s 90s

    Here is a pic of my MBX all cleaned up after purchase. I have since added another crash and a Roc N Soc throne (and a 1968 Acrolite). Love the sound of this baby.
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    Pearl MLX 80s 90s

    I have a 93 Pearl MBX 4 ply w/re-rings and they are incredible drums.
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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    Just curious about the overall view of the group here. I am relatively new to the drums and the 2 kits I have are both lacquer and as I don't play in a band I don't have to worry about the abuse they take at gigs. Please let me know your preferences and any pros/cons you see in each finish type.
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    Being from Michigan, this story is one I have heard often. Don never comes out looking good, he comes out as a weasel who screwed over Mark pretty badly. It's really quite sad as a GFR reunion would be on my list of concerts I would love to see.
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    Oh, how BORING! A thread on Drum Thrones??? Now with POLL

    My son and I both run Roc N Soc nitros on our kits. most comfortable throne we have found.
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    Rewrapping Gretsch RB Progressive jazz kit

    Beautiful kit! Congrats on the new clothes, I think you chose wisely.
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    Nicko McBrain | Where Eagles Dare & Drum Solo

    Absolutely love Nicko. Incredible drummer and good dude. When my son and I started drumming, my son wrote Nicko a letter asking for practice tips (he was 11 at the time). I found his home address and mailed it out, thinking no way we would ever hear back. 4 months later after their tour...
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    Ludwig Blacro (NJ/Philly/NY/DE)

    Great snare! I have a 1968 KB and a 1976 G/O and they are awesome. GLWS
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    Yamaha YD-5000D Power Stage 2 Series (1985)

    No knowledge to give here, but that is a sweet kit!
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    Pearl BLX value and quality?

    Depends on the condition of the shells. If they are in good shape I would say $800 is fair. From the pictures they look like the BLX that was made around 1984-92 (MBX, MMX took their place in 1993). They were the top of the line for Pearl at the time, so still a pro level drum even if they are...
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    Pearl BLX value and quality?

    So the BLX is 6 ply Birch, no re-rings. Best place to look for accurate data on that kit is the Pearl Drummers Forum. I bought a 1993 Masters Studio Birch (4 ply with re-rings) 10/12/13/16/22 with matching 14x6.5 snare, 14" Zildjian New Beats, 17" Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash, 22" Sabiann AA...
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    Nate Smith: If you don't know, now you do!

    Love Nate, his playing and time are flawless. He and Gadd are my 2 favorites of all time.
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    A n g r y

    Yep, quality heads make a huge difference on how your kit sounds. Exports are not bad drums at all. Put some good heads on em and upgrade your cymbals with used pro level when you can (Sabian AA or Zildjian A's, or Dream Contact series, etc.) and you should be good to go!