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    Slingerland 1979 Super Rocker Blackrome Drums $700

    Price lowered to $700.
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    Pearl Jupiter Throw off parts needed

    I am still looking for these parts. Anyone?
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    Amazon deals thread

    yeah, that is exactly how they packed it.
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    WTB: Premier Floor Tom Lug & inserts

    I have a couple of lugs and maybe the rest of the parts you are looking for. PM me if you still have the need.
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    Looking for a pair of 14" K Light hats or 14" HHX Groove Hats

    I have a set of K lights. I see a couple of others have already responded so you probably aren't still in need, but if you are, PM me.
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    Kenner Hoop Savers for Bass Drums

    I think his hoop savers are the nicest out there. I bought many on eBay both fro new hoops and to nicely cover up older chewed up hoops.
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    Amazon deals thread

    I have received several cymbals from Amazon with the edges roughed up due to lousy packaging but you can always return them.
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    Slingerland 1979 Super Rocker Blackrome Drums $700

    Slingerland Super Rocker drum set in Blackrome (black chrome) wrap. Overall the drums are in very good condition. Sizes are 9 x 13, 10 x 14, 16 x 18 and 14 x 24. The drums all have Niles, Illinois black and silver badges in the serial number range of 400,000. The 13" tom is 3 ply, all the...
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    Pearl Jupiter Throw off parts needed

    I need a Jupiter parallel throw off. I could use just the 2 main pieces that bolt to the shell but the whole thing would be just fine.
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    Gretsch Late 60's-70's Double Tom Mount -got one, thanks

    Thank you.