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    ***SOLD*** Ludwig 1920s NOB 2-piece 4" x 14" 8 Lug Snare

    Another one I'll sure regret. But I haven't been playing it as much lately, so it needs to go to a better home. I am not an expert on these, so I cannot say which parts are original. Some of the clips appear to be replacements. But I have attached plenty of pictures. Shell is in nice shape. I...
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    ***SOLD*** Istanbul Agop 20" XIST Dry Dark Crash

    Very light weight and trashy. Just not for me. I purchased it new and have played it very little. While taking photos I noticed a small void in the bronze on the bottom side, which probably happened during the manufacturing process. Has not been a problem and is not a crack or any damage I've...
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste 14" Giant Beat Hi-hats

    The 14s don't get as much love as the 15s, but they are really versatile, and I've enjoyed their quick attack. Just need to lighten the load. Structurally in good shape... Smooth edges, round holes, no dents. But you can see a lot of stick marks on the top cymbal. And it appears a prior owner...
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste Traditionals 20" Medium Heavy Ride

    Lovely sounding cymbal. I will surely regret this, but I acquired a 22" Medium Light and can't keep both. Very nice condition- just stick marks and some light scratches under the bell. Edges are smooth and no dents/waves/etc. $255 Shipped East of Mississippi $265 Shipped West of Mississippi
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    ***SOLD*** Bettis 15" Strong Edge Hi Hats 1204g / 1234g

    I purchased these directly from Matt a few years ago. They literally did not leave my stand for 18 months after I got them. True works of art. But my tastes are changing, and I need to make room for some new purchases. Check out the video from the original sale to hear/see for yourself-...
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste Signature Traditionals 17" Extra Thin

    I purchased this cymbal a few months ago from a forum member. It is a beautiful cymbal, but I'm not playing it enough to justify keeping it. It is in very nice shape. There are a few small oxidation spots and some stick marks, but no other issues. Edges are smooth and it is not dented around...
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    ***SOLD*** Paiste 20" Signature Flat Ride

    Very nice condition, no issues. The definitive "crystalline" sound if that's what you're after. $220 shipped East of the Mississippi $230 shipped West of the Mississippi
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    *** SOLD*** Zildjian 22" A. Avedis (2368 g)

    One of the lighter ones I've seen at < 2400 grams. Nice smooth stick but very crashable. No issues. Original owner. Never left the house. $240 Shipped East of the Mississippi. $250 Shipped West of the Mississippi.
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    WTB- Paiste Traditionals 22" Medium Light Ride

    Is there anybody out there?
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    Question on International Purchases from Reverb

    I am eyeing a cymbal this is being sold from a Reverb seller in Spain. I am located in the US, and I have never done an international purchase before. For those that have- What taxes / custom fees did you pay? Are those collected through Reverb? Thanks in advance!
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    ***SOLD*** Liberty 6.5 x 14 Hammered Black Nickel Over Brass Snare

    Great sounding drum. Hammering tames some of the brassy ring. But still has "that sound." Made in England. Nice build quality. George Way beer tap strainer, Puresound wires, relatively new Aquarian batter head. 10 lugs. $205 shipped east of the Mississippi $215 shipped west of the Mississippi
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    ***SOLD*** Sabian 18" AAX O-Zone Crash

    I bought this cymbal new and loved it for a few years. But you know how things go... Looking for a home where it will get more attention. $110 shipped east of the Mississippi $120 shipped west of the Mississippi
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    ***SOLD*** Sabian HHX Legacy Heavy 22" Ride

    Nice sounding and versatile cymbal. Not as heavy as the name would suggest - 2935g according to my scale. $225 shipped east of the Mississippi $240 shipped west of the Mississippi
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    ****SOLD**** Zildjian A. Avedis 20" Crash/Ride

    Very nice cymbal with no issues. Sounds great, but I'm just not using it at the moment. Factory weight is 1800g, although it comes in slightly lighter on my scale. $215 shipped east of the Mississippi $225 shipped west of the Mississippi
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    Paiste 17" Dark Energy Crash or 17" Traditionals Thin Crash

    Anybody have one of these cymbals? I'm only interested in the 17" size. Thx!
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    SOLD - Bettis Modified 20" Sabian Flat Ride

    This was a special edition AAX flat. I sent it to Matt Bettis to remove some weight and add hammering for complexity. Weight is now 2050 grams. Message me for a sound file. I can't justify having 2 flats, and my other one fits better with the rest of my cymbals. $200 shipped East of the...
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    SOLD **** UFIP 20" Natural Series Crash Ride

    Versatile cymbal. Good stick definition due to unlathed top but also crashable and excellent bell. Message me for a sound file. 1950 grams $170 Shipped East of the Mississippi +$15 West of the Mississippi
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    SOLD **** 18" Paiste 2002 Big Beat

    Bought this new and it hasn't left my house. About 1300 grams, but you can also get a decent ride sound out of it. Plenty of sound files online. These are pretty consistent, as you know. $165 Shipped East of the Mississippi +10 West of the Mississippi
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    14" Sabian HHX X-celerator Hi Hats

    Nice pair of dark and cutting hi hats. I'm just not using them much these days since my heavier projects have ended. Great shape with no issues. 1025 g Top 1445 g Bottom $175 Shipped East of the Mississippi +$10 West of Mississippi
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    Paiste 22" 602 ME China for 602 or Masters Ride

    I have a 602 Modern Essentials 22" China in excellent / near mint condition. Beautiful cymbal, but it's not getting played enough. Looking to trade for a 22" Paiste ride. I am most interested in 602s or Masters. Would also consider 602 Paperthins (18" or larger). Anybody?