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    Ludwig 2000 era 14" 10 Lug Steel/Chrome Snare Hoops

    for sale 1 excellent condition set of ludwig 14" 10lug chrome/steel snare hoops 2000 era they have the older raised snare gates on bottom hoop. They will fit 14" Diameter snares with 10 lug pattern. Supraphonics LM400/LM402 & Super Sensitive Black Beauty Supralite 10 lug Hoops are in round...
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    Finding a Re-plater who can redo my Ludwig Black Beauty Bronze

    Okay guys this is gonna sound crazy to you.. A week ago I purchased one of the very last 14x6.5 Bronze Ludwig Black Beauty snares that only 50 were made... Ludwig has discontinued the production of these snares so I can't get another one.. I had a licensed Ludwig Dealer add a Tone Control to...
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    WANTED Mint Condition set of Vintage Ludwig 10 lug 14" hoops Cob OR Steel

    This is probably a big long shot! Needing a set of Vintage Ludwig 14" 10 lug hoops. Cob OR Steel Must be in mint condition 10/10 will pay top dollar for a set Thanks
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    Presonus 1818IVSL 8 Channel Audio Interface (SOLD)

    Hey fellow DFO members, I have a used once Presonus 1818IVSL 8 mic pre amp channel interface that I figured I'd post and see if any fellow members are interested give someone a great deal on a pro level interface. I paid $600 bucks looking to get $280 shipped Interface power cable usb cable...
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    Wanted Pearl D2500BR backrest throne and H2050 Redline Hihat Stand

    Looking for Pearl D2500BR backrest throne And Pearl H2050 Redline Eliminator Hihat Stand Msg me if you have one or both Thanks Phil
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    Getting Jeff Porcaros low tuned toms on Roland TD25KV Ekit

    Hey DFO I'm struggling to get my Edrums to sound really low like Jeff Porcaro Can anyone tell me the tuning numbers I should try on the TD25Drum Brain? Is it even possible
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    What can I clean traditional finish Sabian cymbals with

    I have a HHX Legacy Ride just has a black line on it from factory an I wonder what I can use to clean the spot with It's a natural traditional finish cymbal
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    Barton Essential Maple 22,13,16 3pc Set (SOLD)

    I have for sale in mint condition no damage Barton Essential Maple Drum Kit Shell pack, used once for a professional studio session an were packed up they are in a smoke free home Drums are 7ply North American Maple w/ 45" Degree Outer Rounded Over Edges factory Aquarian drumheads brand new...
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    x2 19" Zildjian A Custom Brilliant Crash Cymbals (SOLD)

    I have two excellent condition 19" A Custom Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbals Brilliant finish Both are well taken care of no cracks, keyholing or flea bites and logos are still visible an intact Asking $300 bucks for both + $25 shipping Thanks Phil
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    How much should I sell x2 zildjian A Custom Brilliant 19" Crash for

    I have a pair of 19" A Custom Crash Cymbals I am potentially selling and I am wondering there worth an what is a fair price to put them up for. Their in pretty good condition no crack,keyholing or logo wear.
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    New to group.

    Hello everyone, just joined. I am Phil 30 years old. Self taught been playing 23 years, I'm a Berklee 08 graduate and music is my passion, hoping to get lots of use out of this great place and make some good friends plus sharing my knowledge with my fellow drummers. I play Pearl drums&hardware...