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    Help with Leedy & Gretsch (?) Purchase - What I have and what to do?

    Hey everyone, Saw a local FB Marketplace listing pop up advertising 2 Leedy toms (12" & 14") and 1 "not Leedy, maybe Gretsch" 20" bass drum. I'm not too well versed in vintage gear beyond Ludwig, but it seemed like a good deal so I pounced on them. The photos weren't the best, and when I got...
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    Newbie Questions - 1967 Ludwig Hollywood

    Hi everyone, I've been a longtime lurker on here since I began my quest to assemble a nice vintage kit within my budget. More recently, I feel I hit the jackpot by finding myself a 1967 Ludwig Hollywood in champagne sparkle. The drums appear to me to be in fantastic condition (and I may share...