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    Rogers Guru's PLease

    Restoring my Holiday I have decide to remove the center tom post and use instead the left Tom Mount bracket. Need to find out if the bracket is a 60 or 75 deg. and where is located in reference to edge distance etc. Making this a Buddy Rich kit so I want to be as close to time/period correct...
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    To Wrap or not to Wrap

    As a restorer of vintage drums there is always been the conundrum of gluing the wrap with 3M contact cement or use the Tape method. Both specialist swear by both method .... until... I watched on you tube a tour of the Ludwig Facility.. and paused , rewind, paused rewind..... and realized...
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    64' Luddy shell; what to do..

    Scored a 64 Ludwig 12x8 tom on eBay for only $30.00. Previous owner removed wrap and decide to paint black inside and out. With some patience and CITRI STRIP I removed all the paint to reveal that the outer ply is mahogany. Since I was planning to add the 12x8 to my existing refinished '72...
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    SAbian AA

    Hello Folks; Saw and advertisement for a pair of 18" Sabian AA crash. The asking price ($40.00) was very appealing so I decide to take a look. It so happen the cymbals are in immaculate condition, they are 20" but they are Drum Corp ( big band/orchestra) A cursory check on line revealed to be...