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    Attack Drum Heads

    Who is the best online dealer for Attack heads? Musicians Friend and Sweetwater don't seem to carry them. I am thinking about trying the clear Tone Ridge 2 heads, any thoughts.
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    3 in one snare, Zikit

    When I saw this I thought " Oh no another gimmick" but "Sounds like a drum" gave it high praise and it does make sense to me. thoughts?
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    Floor tom legs

    What is the diameter of the Yamaha stage Custom FT legs? Thanks, Dave
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    Used Bass Drum heads

    Anyone have any slightly used 22" BD heads? I have been using a Evans emad but I think I want to change it around. I don't want to spend a lot on new heads to find one I like so I thought I might go this route. If you would let me know what you have , how much and cost to ship to VA. 22902...
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    Attack Tone Ridge 2

    Has anyone tried these yet? I saw a review on " sounds like a drum" and I thought they sounded great. I have noticed thought that not many stores are carrying Attack heads.
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    DW Design Series

    Where does the Design Series fit in the DW lineup? Little info, shell make up, average retail cost, your thoughts. Thanks, Dave
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    Ludwig NeuSonic set

    I am thinking about getting a set, anyone have any experiance with this set?
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    Elijah Wood

    I was going over some you tube video's today and I ran across Elijah wood on some Shania Twain video's, what's the story on he/her? NOT bashing just interested in the back story.
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    Hot Spot Monitor

    I have an older non powered hot spot that I would like to start using again. All the groups I play in are using powered speakers so the signal coming out of the mixer is non powered, question is there a small, inexpensive amp I can get to put in between the mixer and the hot spot so I can...